2 Jan 2014

Need you tonight - INXS

So, here we are. I promised a story and a story you'll get! One year ago I was celebrating the new year, getting ready for my first Master of science exam session and everything. But, differently from this year, there was a thing bothering me to uneasiness. I had been having in my mind a bass motive, similar to the one of Another one bites the dust by Queen (with the first three beats ta ta ta), but then different (it went like tananananananana going down of one tone each beat, not following the Queen). I knew it belonged to a song that I knew from my childhood, but I hadn't been able to find it. I had been singing this bass pattern to practically all the people I knew and all of them knew it as well but weren't able to tell me the song. I had also been looking for info on the Internet, Yahoo answers and everything, but no clue. Until one day (I think it was around January/February), when my mostly beloved friend B. wrote me a message, saying that it came to her mind! It was Need you tonight by INXS. And it was indeed. It's probably been one of the most relieving moments of my life. It was the stupidest thing, but it bothered me for like 6 months! Now, problem solved thanks goodness!

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