26 Feb 2017

#sundayrevival Pretty good year - Tori Amos

Pretty good year - Tori Amos
I don't know why I found myself with this song in my head this afternoon, but I just did. I suppose I triggered Tori myself by suggesting her music to a friend recently, but I suppose that's not all of it...! Anyway I guess that, notwithstanding my generally bad mood of the last few days/weeks (I need a holiday), a Sunday with Tori can never be a totally bad Sunday. Maybe it's a bliss of another kind...!

24 Feb 2017

Big picture - London Grammar

Big picture - London Grammar
Almost another week has gone by without me posting, and this time of my life is a really really busy one...! I will just spare a few minutes to share with you another song that London Grammar released (a while ago now) in anticipation of their forthcoming sophomore album. I must say I like 'Big picture' better than the previous "Rooting for you", and the video is also very beautiful! I hope you enjoy it and I also wish all of us a pleasant weekend!

19 Feb 2017

#sundayrevival City with no children - Arcade Fire

City with no children - Arcade Fire
Hello guys, I hope your week had been fine. Mine, as anticipated, has been pretty hectic among new workshops that required a shitload of work in and especially out of class, Valentine's dinners, the usual uni life, hunting for Gen.2 Pokémon in Pokémon Go, dumplings dinner with friends, cleaning and more...! It's been a super full week, but somehow I manage to (more or less) reconcile all my activities and efforts requests! Now I am expecting a Sunday afternoon in front of the computer, reading and writing and coding (what a change...!), but first of all I wanted to share this with you, as I'm feeling in a really Arcade Firey mood today! Hope you enjoy and have a great Sunday!

12 Feb 2017

#sundayrevival Fantasy - The XX

Fantasy - The XX
Being obsessed with The XX today, I can't seem to stop listening to their new album's 2 bonus tracks ('Seasons run' & 'Naive') and to their absolute best 'Crystalised'. Given that I can't keep re-posting the same songs over and over again, I'll give you another gem off their debut album as for today's sundayrevival! A hellish rest of the month is about to being for me after a nice home-made sushi night with friends, so I don't know how often I'll have the time and energies to post here. I wish you the best second half of February before disappearing under the amount of work that is waiting for me!!!

9 Feb 2017

4 degrees - Anohni

4 degrees - Anohni
Today has been a pretty cold day in Hong Kong according to the local weather forecast, but for how chilly and annoying a humid temperature of 12°C can be, I dare say that local people here don't know what real winter means. I can understand now why most of them hate the heat and the sunlight... Anyway, even if the day has actually been chilly, we didn't get down to have only 4 degrees (even if what Anohni refers to in her song is a change in world climate due to global warming). For how much I hate cold, global warming is a problem we should all pay attention to, so let's try to make an effort and be a little more respectful towards our planet and the future generations.

7 Feb 2017

Seasons run - The XX

After listening to the first few songs of the new XX album, I felt disappointed and a bit frustrated by the fact that they had sold themselves to the cheap, mainstream electronic beats, guided by Jamie and his experimentation. I missed the intimate atmospheres created by their former songs, and luckily I found them again starting from the middle of the album ('Performance' saved my opinion of it during the first listen, it dragged me out of the deep waters I had fallen into). Now I have made my peace with the whole of it and I am starting to appreciate it as a whole, but I still love more the tracks that carry a stronger "The XX" signature. This bonus track is one of them and is quickly becoming a new favourite of mine!! (PS: Click on the image caption for a link to the song)

5 Feb 2017

Chasing shadows - Santigold

Chasing shadows - Santigold
My semester is finally starting in full force and I already hate it. Or so they say. I love sushi. But how is that related? People keep messing with my private thoughts, but I can't say I complain. I feel (more) bipolar (than usual), but this time it's justified methinks, as the second person is outside of my head and, well... contributed in making my life so full that I started this post on Saturday night and I am ending it one day after, following a tiring but satisfying hiking day! Cheers to a full life!

2 Feb 2017

The modern things - Björk

The modern things - Björk
In the last few days I've been listening to the whole Björk discography because, again, I had her in my head for no particular reason. I must say that listening to all her songs randomly made me appreciate a bit more also the music she released after the turn of century, which has always been very hard on me. Then I went on to take a nap this afternoon - after getting up very early (for my standards) this morning - and waking up from it, I had in my head the looped lyric she sings at the end of "The modern things", which is in Icelandic; after searching the Internet I think she's singing something like "Engin sér við mér", which means "Nobody gets the best of me", but I am not 100% sure I got it right, as her pronunciation seems slightly different... It's amazing how things that are (supposed to be) unintelligible to our brain given our knowledge pool, still have such a big influence on us, isn't it?!

1 Feb 2017

2 hearts - Kylie Minogue

2 hearts - Kylie Minogue
Life is weird, and that is an established fact (I suppose). I get periodic reminders of this, so I can't explain why I woke up with this song in my head this morning. Absolutely no idea, but I did! I haven't been listening to this song in forever, so it was a pleasing experience to go back 10 years (and for how weird it is [again], it really feels like this song is in my past past) and re-discover the Kylie I got the closest to, at the end of the 00s. It helped me start a relatively good day, so I can't complain too much! I hope it helps you get a decent night too!