31 May 2015

#sundayrevival Straitjacket - Alanis Morissette

Straitjacket - Alanis Morissette
It's being too long since I posted a sundayrevival so I have to do it now and do it well!! Last night I was taking a shower and I decided to play Alanis in the meanwhile: it immediately brought back to 2008, when I started listening to her massively and when her album 'Flavors of entanglement' (one of my absolute favourites of all time) came out. After a few songs I really enjoyed, I turned off the speakers just as this song was about to start and I found myself singing it by heart walking through the house, so I then got to listen to it and decided it would be a perfect post for a sundayrevival! Although it is not a particularly Alanis-like song, it was quite in front of the strongly-produced electronic-pop music that has been going strong since the beginning of the new decade. Moreover the lyrics were really powerful, I realised while singing them "acapella". I'm sure you're gonna love it too! Have a happy sunday!

Hold back the tears - Neil Young

Hold back the tears - Neil Young
I must confess that going through the discography of some artists is a pretty long and not-always-so-enjoyable task, especially when these artists have released tens of albums and have been making the history of last century's music (with some of them), but also been trying different things or anyway been producing stuff that won't be remembered, or that anyway doesn't fit the musical taste of a millennial like me. Nonetheless a few good songs are always to be found here and there, and this is exactly the example of what I've just been writing about, so in case you want to know Neil Young better but don't know where to start, here is a good point!

30 May 2015

Snow - San Cisco

Snow - San Cisco
Wow, so many new great tunes to post, I've been falling behind for a while now and seeing that I haven't posted many songs like this one yet really gives me the fire under my feet!! I created a new playlist I'm totally in love with (featuring other great songs from San Cisco's new album, amongst others), I pre-ordered Florence's coming album (together with a couple other CDs) on Amazon, can't wait for the AutoRip, I already told you about the Imagine Dragons' concert I might be going to... well, there are many news and I have to keep up! And I will! Happy weekend!

"The snow, the snow, the snow has melted now.
Everyday I'm lost in a new town.
I know, I know, I know its so unfair,
I'm never there but I still care."

29 May 2015

Thief - Imagine Dragons

Thief - Imagine Dragons
It's been a while since I posted twice, so just to be (sometimes) faithful to the very name of this blog, here I am!! I'm taking advantage of having more times on my hands today, after sleeping for a good 36 hours under the weather I'm almost back to "normal" (not that my normal is particularly healthy or by any definition normal anyway, I don't like the adjective!) and ready to start again! A good discovery today helped me get back on track: thanks to one of you guys I did a little research on Imagine Dragons' tour schedule and I found out they're gonna be playing Bangkok at the end of August! So, if things turn out fine and the (not-so-cheap) tickets don't sell out quick... well, there might be a chance of getting a name out of my to-see list!

"When the stars look down on me
What do they see?"

28 May 2015

La signora del quinto piano - Carmen Consoli

La signora del quinto piano - Carmen Consoli
You know I don't often post Italian (or any non-English, for that matter) music, but sometimes I really feel the need to, especially when I think it's really valuable. Carmen is one of my favourite Italian singer/songwriters and actually one of the few I listen to. She has also toured abroad and is somehow known abroad too, especially in the East Coast. Anyway, she recently released her latest album, her first in 5 years, and even if I didn't have that high an expectation about it, I must confess it really is a great work! In many songs she went back to the sound of her previous works, the lyrics are (as usual) very deep and meaningful, whipping but not too nerdy. This song in particular has struck me, and I just found out today that she is going to re-record it with Elisa, Gianna Nannini and other famous Italian singers in favour of a campaign against violence on women. The song lyrics are very peculiar and deliver an important message in a funny way, as only her can: the lady living on the 5th floor (i.e. la signora del quinto piano) is living with a piton in her home to defend herself from her ex-husband that keeps showing up in front of the building with a hammer. After she went to the police to report the fact, they told her there's no reason to be scared. In the next verse we find out the piton as escaped after eating the Chihuahua dog of the doorwoman and 3 weeks after the escape they find out that the lady has been buried alive in the bathroom wall, but the police-men still repeat that there's no reason to be scared...!

27 May 2015

Invisible empire - KT Tunstall

Invisible empire - KT Tunstall
Hello my dear people! I'm sorry for not posting yesterday but I was fully dead in bed with the worst fever I can remember having... it's quite fucked up, as I have been sick since practically the end of last year and I keep getting these bad temperatures and I'm not really sure where they're coming from, I just know it's pretty annoying, not feeling well and all. Today I'm feeling a bit better, but I've still got a massive headache and stomachache and well... I don't know when was the last time I skipped a meal because of a fever (this time I skipped two)!! I just hope I'll get better soon, gotta see the specialist doctor in a few days, hoping to get things sorted out.
In the meantime I'm sharing with you one beautiful and soothing piece of music out of KT's latest album, 'Invisible empire // Crescent moon', I hope you enjoy it!

25 May 2015

The ghost of Tom Joad - Junip

The ghost of Tom Joad - Junip
After watching the Walter Mitty movie with Ben Stiller, I got to know (better) José Gonzales, who (together with his own band Junip) took care of the most part of the soundtrack for the movie. After falling brutally in love with 'Far away', their song that I have already posted a few days ago, I approached their 2010 debut album (as a band) 'Fields' and I fell even more in love with their music, some of the songs in particular. This is one of my current favourites, it's their rendition of a classic folk song already recorded by Bruce Springsteen and Rage against the machine. Although included in their 2010 album, the song was already featured in their 2005 EP 'Black refuge'; I'm sure all of those among you who like indie/folk/rock will be able to love it too!!

24 May 2015

Human again - Kodaline

Human again - Kodaline
No sundayrevival post this week, as I have so many newer songs to post and I'm lagging behind and already listening to new music, and I meant to post twice yesterday and then I forgot... uff!! Such a full life and a short time, when you have to travel places back and forth, so much time wasted, that I could use much better otherwise... anyway, today I've been having this song in my head since the morning, and given that I haven't shared it with you, it seems like the perfect time to do so! Have a great new week!

23 May 2015

I'm shipping up to Boston - Dropkick Murphys

I'm shipping up to Boston -
Dropkick Murphys
I'm sorry I've been away from the blog for a couple of days, travelling back from Thailand has been quite hectic and I didn't have any internet connection available, then yesterday I meant to post but I was at home so tired that I end up forgetting about it. Pity, because I had a song I really wanted to post, but I will do it now with a few hours of delay! I don't remember if I shared with you my latest TV series, but in the past few months I've been watching Shameless (the UK version): it's the story of a big family living in Machester's outskirts in a pretty degraded situation, but it's pretty nice and at times quite funny! At the end of the 6th Season, which is where I got to now, one of the main characters dies and the whole thing is very emotional, with this song playing in the background at the end of the episode, so it felt right to share it with you!

20 May 2015

Love me like you do - Ellie Goulding

Love me like you do
It's time for me to leave again: tomorrow night I'm flying back to Italy, but I hope I will be back to Bangkok soon (and come to stay)! The first experience with the city has been... intense. Under every point of view. So many things to do, so much traffic, so many people, so much struggling with the language, so many places to see, so many foods to eat... it's just a lot, and it takes a while to figure it out! I think it's good having a first taste like this and having a little time to process it all (just a little time, as I was just starting to get into the swing of things!) and come back better prepared! I confess haven't been listening to much music in the last couple of weeks, but this is one of the songs I listened to most often, and of course I had listened to it quite often before too, it was impossible not to know it! And yes, no, I haven't watched 50 shades of gray yet, when I'll have a night time to throw away I'll surely do!!

19 May 2015

The fall - Imagine Dragons

I know you guys love Imagine Dragons, and coming from two very successful posts (thanks for all the likes, views and reshares!! Keep it up!!), I don't wanna lose momentum, so I'm gonna play it safe and share one of the songs that didn't really stand out in Smoke + Mirrors, but that I really end up liking a lot each time I listen to it!
I also want to share with you my experience of tonight: I went to Terminal 21, one of the not-most-famous (is it?) malls in Bangkok, but for sure one of the most peculiar! The theme is an airport (from which the name Terminal) and each floor is called after a famous city in the world and themed accordingly. It's quite funny and entertaining, especially as far as the bathrooms are concerned! Plus, there is a good choice of shops, both more high-end and more affordable, but all of them nice to take a look at, with no people pushing you or inviting you to buy stuff and so on. Besides, it's located at one of the most crowded intersections of the city, so don't miss it out if you like this kind of things and happen to pass by!

18 May 2015

Princes familiar - Alanis Morissette

Princes familiar - Alanis Morissette
I'm a bit too late to be posting a sundayrevival, and I am sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, but life in Bangkok is pretty intense and it's very hard to find the time to sit down and dedicate 10 minutes to my dear blog!! But here I am now! Yesterday I have taken a walk to Chatuchak market, which I thought was closer to my hotel that it actually was, this meaning that I kinda melted under the (morning!) sun. Well, I got there and took a "short" walk through the market, very big and I think I've only seen a part of it! Then I came back to the hotel, plunged in the (boiling hot) swimming pool for some physical activity and then went to the river with a couple of colleagues to take a trip through the channels on a traditional long boat, an amazing experience to see how people live there, it's another world! And today back to work, it feels like I've been devoting half of my time to sightseeing and the other half to working and travelling, so that I never have enough time to devote to sleep!! Well, I think it's not so unusual for a first visit to such an intense city as Bkk is!! Tonite, just before going to eat a super Japanese dinner, I took a shower and was listening to the most-listened-to songs in my library, among which is this and I felt like posting it, so that you can enjoy it too!!

16 May 2015

Only time - Enya

Only time - Enya
I posted an Enya song a few days ago (Wild child) and I was strongly undecided about whether to post it or this one. Then many of you on Google+ suggested I should listen to / consider / post also 'Only time' and, well... I realised that maybe I didn't make the best choice. Or maybe I did, because in this way I can post them both!! Happy saturday to y'all!

15 May 2015

The one - Kodaline

The one - Kodaline
Hello my dear readers, actually... let me start again. Sa-wad-dee-krap my dear readers! I am sorry for not posting every day lately, but my days are quite full and when I get through I'm pretty tired. Yet I'm starting to mingle with the Thai culture, food and people and basic greetings and stuff, so a little step by step progress is taking place! Now I have two full days of weekend in front of me and I'm ready to go take the first steps of exploring Bangkok! I'll keep you updated, in the meanwhile enjoy another great song out of Kodaline's new album!!

13 May 2015

Birds of a feather - Lizzy Grant (a.k.a. Lana del Rey)

I meant to post this song a few days ago, but I couldn't find it on YouTube, so I decided to revert to Soundcloud, because I like it so much that I can't do without posting it and sharing it with you all! My time in Thailand is going on quite well, I'm enjoying it quite a lot and I can't wait to get the chance to stay here for a bit longer! In the meanwhile let's just enjoy May Jailer/Lana del Rey/Lizzy Grant! Click on the image title to listen to the song on Soundcloud!

Birds of a feather - Lizzy Grant

12 May 2015

About you - San Cisco

"I hope you realise that this is real life.
You're not looking for some truth, you're selecting the proof to sue you
And I can take you out of the stratosphere, oh up there the air is clear
I can take you anywhere you like, You know I never get it right
You know, oh woah oh oh, You're driving this one so take it slow"

About you - San Cisco
Guys, I'm so excited about these couple of days I have been spending in Bangkok!! Ok, the city has its limits: it's crowded, very crowded; it's hot, sometimes painfully so (but it's hot, thanks goodness!!); without speaking the language it's not at all easy to get around, especially if you take just one step out of the tourist comfort zone... well, but that's where the fun begins! Tonite I was in a mall and had a very very Asian dinner, with gyoza, aloe juice, bubble tea and mochi! A mix of Asian food cultures, interacting with people who spoke zero English, it's been a bit cumbersome but after I succeeded there was a big smile on my face!! I have the feeling spending time in this city is going to be (painfully) amazing!! This is real life!!!

10 May 2015

#sundayrevival No roots - Amy MacDonald

No roots - Amy MacDonald
Well well, the time has finally come! I am in Wien as of now, where I just flew from Milan to get my connection flight to... Bangkok!!! First two weeks of transfer abroad for work, but it should become more permanent in the next few months!!! I am pretty excited, well... very excited!!! I couldn't wait to start a new adventure and, even if this one took quite a long time to begin, it seems like things are finally moving in the right direction! I'm here in Wien, with a little bit of fever throwback and with a bad headache, don't know why, so the conditions are not the best I could wish for... still, I'm so happy I'm finally getting away, even if just for a while! The "funny" thing is that I still don't have a home in Veneto for when I'll come back in two weeks, so I guess this really is the most "no-roots" moment of my life. I've always been really fond of this song, but having a roof over my head, I have never been able to sing it and mean it 100%. Now I can, and it doesn't feel all bad, I can tell you! Cheers to the world travellers and globe trotters!!

9 May 2015

Far away - Junip

Far away - Junip
Last night I finally got to watch the 'Walter Mitty' movie by Ben Stiller, after many people have been suggesting I should give it a try. I have not been disappointed, as I really could identify with the main character and the story, even if maybe (hopefully) my life is not as extremely gray as his. I have been a little bit dazed by the non-sense of the whole story (SPOILER: why did the photograph guy leave clues for him if the picture has been in his wallet the whole time?! I can't really make that out...) and, well, by the fact that it gets a little bit predictable, the not-so-unique feel-good American style movie. Nonetheless it's quite enjoyable and it really conveys the powerful message that you should do something meaningful in your (real) life. Plus, the soundtrack is really great: Arcade Fire, Of Monsters & Men, and then Josè Gonzales, who I've been suggested a couple weeks ago, and its band Junip, both of which I've been greatly enjoying. This song in particular and the scene it is featured in have made me fall in love, so kudos to Stiller for the movie and to Junip for the music!! Tomorrow it's gonna be my own turn to go far far away, so I guess you're finally gonna get that update about my life! In the meanwhile enjoy your saturday night!

8 May 2015

Autopilot - Kodaline

Autopilot - Kodaline
Today I skipped work because of my dear fever, so bothersome. Thanks goodness it feels like I'm already better and I hope there won't be any problems in taking my flight on Sunday for my 2-weeks of work abroad! Nonetheless the drive back home has been, as usual, quite tiring, especially as I was still not feeling perfectly well, and also because it was very hot (which might have been actually good for my health and also for my mood!), at least until Milan it felt like driving to the sea in summer. Then after turning towards my hometown, the sky turned gray and of course it started raining as soon as I parked the car outside my house to unload all the bags and baggages. Thanks goodness by now I got to know the highway quite well and it feels like it's the autopilot driving!

7 May 2015

Fever - Elisa

Fever - Elisa
Of course. Of course I've been waiting for months to get away, to go abroad for work for a two-week visit and of course I get sick two days before I should leave. Of course with a relocation to do (first home and then goodness knows where), of course with a 3-hour drive home to undertake, hopefully tomorrow if I'm not feeling too bad. Of course this is probably not the fever Elisa was singing about, but my own fever, caused by whatever illness I got in my lungs since last xmas, is starting to be pretty bothersome!! Of course.

6 May 2015

Pride - Lizzy Grant (a.k.a. Lana del Rey)

Pride - Lizzy Grant
Back to work after almost a week, not easy but it could've been worse! Thanks goodness this is gonna be a short week, and then I'm gonna leave for a two-weeks visit to the firm where the project I'm working on will be implemented! Guess I will have to tell you something about my future soon, even though I don't know much about it myself! What I know is that in a couple of days I'm gonna be homeless again and I have no idea where I will be staying after I come back from those two weeks. Yay... Anyway, I'll leave you with Lana, hoping you can have a great evening and, hopefully, a more certain future than I do!

5 May 2015

A place called home - PJ Harvey

A place called home - PJ Harvey
Today I left Barcelona and came back. I'm specifically not saying back home because in all likelihood I'm gonna be moving again from here on Friday, back home, two weeks on transfer and then who-knows-where. Not that I was feeling particularly at home here in the residence where I spent the last month and a half, but after almost two months of running from one B&B to the next, it came as close to being a home as could be in this time of my life. It's peculiar, because in these last few days I spent in Barcelona I really felt at home, a local more than a tourist. Getting to the music: this song means the world to me, it's one of my overall favourite songs and the only one whose lyrics  ever considered tattooing (the idea came back to me strongly today). Now more than ever I need and would love to have a place called home, both literally and metaphorically. I hope things are going to settle soon, in the meanwhile I'll keep on running around Veneto until the right time comes (which I hope is going to happen before the summer!!) and be waiting for the one day when there'll be a place for us. A place called home.

4 May 2015

Landscape - Florence + the Machine

Landscape - Florence + the Machine
What a day, what a trip! These past few days in Barcelona have been very peculiar, I wouldn't say great because I felt like I was living here, not being on holiday; be it being at my friend's house, be it because with her I was doing not the hyper-touristic things but living a bit more like a local, be it because I really felt at home... anyway I'm quite sad and unwilling to get back to 'real reality' tomorrow! The nice weather, the beach, the sun, the cool and good-looking people, the city alive, things that I really missed in Veneto and that I will miss going back there. Today in particular I lived an amazing and unique moment while visiting the Sagrada Familia: I've been willing to see it for years, and even when I spent an afternoon in Barcelona with my parents a few years ago, they didn't take me to visit it and today I felt grateful for that, because it all lead to this moment. Usually when you build such a strong expectation about something, you tend to get disappointed; this time it was the exact opposite, as as soon as I came in I got my mouth open in amazement and awe and almost started crying, I never had such a strong feeling just my entering a building! It's been such an awesome experience I can't put it into words, I can just pair it with a song I really really care a lot about and strongly suggest you should go visit it if you have a chance! And to get the full experience, don't miss the landscape from the towers!

3 May 2015

#sundayrevival Spotlight - Jennifer Hudson

Spotlight - Jennifer Hudson
I was about to write that I didn't remember how I got back to this song, but it isn't true, I do remember! A few days ago I was listening to an audio file of my Japanese course that I imported on iTunes and named as Japanese-something in the artist field. Then I went on to listen to the artists that were just below and after 'Empire state of the mind' (Jay-Z) I got to this 2008 hit, which I absolutely love and which always does remind me of my last year of high school, the one year when I was driving my car to school every morning, listening to the radio (RMC - Radio Monte Carlo, usually) and this was one of the songs that were always broadcasted and that has come to be an anthem of that time of my life. Given how recently I got to realise that high school tests and university exams are already blending together in the 'past folder' in my mind, and how I got to recall high school times when meeting with some friends in my hometown last weekend, it seems like a perfect time to post this song! To all the good (and bad) memories related to high school!

2 May 2015

One evening - Feist

One evening - Feist
Saturday night is the anthem of people who love parties, having fun, spending time with their friends and dears, who want a break from the routine of work and life, who want to do something special, who want to live life at the fullest and create memories that will be there to stay. Saturday night is also a time like any other for many many people: people who work shifts, people who are raising kids, people who have a different cultural background, or who just don't care. Saturday night can also be a bad time for some people: people who have no one to hang out and spend time with, people who love to be by themselves but sometimes feel the urge to be with someone else, people who would like to be with others but didn't manage to organize anything, people who get stressed out by the need to plan something, or people who just hate noise and want to be quiet and relax. One way or the other, it is a special time of the week for many many ones around, and we have all fallen into more than one of the preceding categories at a point in our lives (or at least, I did). Anyway it's undeniable that it's a time of week that exerts some kind of fascination on the most of us, especially those of us who work regular shifts. Let's be honest, it usually is not just one evening.

1 May 2015

It comes back to you - Imagine Dragons

It comes back to you - Imagine Dragons
Soo, I'm almost ready to leave for Spain!! Well, I still have to get my baggage ready and set up the last things, but there's plenty of time, the perks of having a flight late at night! That gives me time to post on the blog too, and also the get a few posts ready for the next few days, in case (as I expect) I'll be super-busy enjoying my trip! But let's take a step in a present and focus on today and on Imagine Dragons, whom I know you all love greatly, and I am no exception! I'm really growing more and more fond of 'Smoke + mirrors' as each day goes by, and this is one of the songs that have grown the most into me. So, well... happy labour day to you all, enjoy your weekend trips, your time with your dears, your lonely and lovely adventures or whatever you're gonna be doing this weekend! And remember that it all comes back to you! Cheers!