27 May 2015

Invisible empire - KT Tunstall

Invisible empire - KT Tunstall
Hello my dear people! I'm sorry for not posting yesterday but I was fully dead in bed with the worst fever I can remember having... it's quite fucked up, as I have been sick since practically the end of last year and I keep getting these bad temperatures and I'm not really sure where they're coming from, I just know it's pretty annoying, not feeling well and all. Today I'm feeling a bit better, but I've still got a massive headache and stomachache and well... I don't know when was the last time I skipped a meal because of a fever (this time I skipped two)!! I just hope I'll get better soon, gotta see the specialist doctor in a few days, hoping to get things sorted out.
In the meantime I'm sharing with you one beautiful and soothing piece of music out of KT's latest album, 'Invisible empire // Crescent moon', I hope you enjoy it!

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