29 May 2015

Thief - Imagine Dragons

Thief - Imagine Dragons
It's been a while since I posted twice, so just to be (sometimes) faithful to the very name of this blog, here I am!! I'm taking advantage of having more times on my hands today, after sleeping for a good 36 hours under the weather I'm almost back to "normal" (not that my normal is particularly healthy or by any definition normal anyway, I don't like the adjective!) and ready to start again! A good discovery today helped me get back on track: thanks to one of you guys I did a little research on Imagine Dragons' tour schedule and I found out they're gonna be playing Bangkok at the end of August! So, if things turn out fine and the (not-so-cheap) tickets don't sell out quick... well, there might be a chance of getting a name out of my to-see list!

"When the stars look down on me
What do they see?"

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