30 May 2015

Snow - San Cisco

Snow - San Cisco
Wow, so many new great tunes to post, I've been falling behind for a while now and seeing that I haven't posted many songs like this one yet really gives me the fire under my feet!! I created a new playlist I'm totally in love with (featuring other great songs from San Cisco's new album, amongst others), I pre-ordered Florence's coming album (together with a couple other CDs) on Amazon, can't wait for the AutoRip, I already told you about the Imagine Dragons' concert I might be going to... well, there are many news and I have to keep up! And I will! Happy weekend!

"The snow, the snow, the snow has melted now.
Everyday I'm lost in a new town.
I know, I know, I know its so unfair,
I'm never there but I still care."

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