12 May 2015

About you - San Cisco

"I hope you realise that this is real life.
You're not looking for some truth, you're selecting the proof to sue you
And I can take you out of the stratosphere, oh up there the air is clear
I can take you anywhere you like, You know I never get it right
You know, oh woah oh oh, You're driving this one so take it slow"

About you - San Cisco
Guys, I'm so excited about these couple of days I have been spending in Bangkok!! Ok, the city has its limits: it's crowded, very crowded; it's hot, sometimes painfully so (but it's hot, thanks goodness!!); without speaking the language it's not at all easy to get around, especially if you take just one step out of the tourist comfort zone... well, but that's where the fun begins! Tonite I was in a mall and had a very very Asian dinner, with gyoza, aloe juice, bubble tea and mochi! A mix of Asian food cultures, interacting with people who spoke zero English, it's been a bit cumbersome but after I succeeded there was a big smile on my face!! I have the feeling spending time in this city is going to be (painfully) amazing!! This is real life!!!

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