4 May 2015

Landscape - Florence + the Machine

Landscape - Florence + the Machine
What a day, what a trip! These past few days in Barcelona have been very peculiar, I wouldn't say great because I felt like I was living here, not being on holiday; be it being at my friend's house, be it because with her I was doing not the hyper-touristic things but living a bit more like a local, be it because I really felt at home... anyway I'm quite sad and unwilling to get back to 'real reality' tomorrow! The nice weather, the beach, the sun, the cool and good-looking people, the city alive, things that I really missed in Veneto and that I will miss going back there. Today in particular I lived an amazing and unique moment while visiting the Sagrada Familia: I've been willing to see it for years, and even when I spent an afternoon in Barcelona with my parents a few years ago, they didn't take me to visit it and today I felt grateful for that, because it all lead to this moment. Usually when you build such a strong expectation about something, you tend to get disappointed; this time it was the exact opposite, as as soon as I came in I got my mouth open in amazement and awe and almost started crying, I never had such a strong feeling just my entering a building! It's been such an awesome experience I can't put it into words, I can just pair it with a song I really really care a lot about and strongly suggest you should go visit it if you have a chance! And to get the full experience, don't miss the landscape from the towers!

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