10 May 2015

#sundayrevival No roots - Amy MacDonald

No roots - Amy MacDonald
Well well, the time has finally come! I am in Wien as of now, where I just flew from Milan to get my connection flight to... Bangkok!!! First two weeks of transfer abroad for work, but it should become more permanent in the next few months!!! I am pretty excited, well... very excited!!! I couldn't wait to start a new adventure and, even if this one took quite a long time to begin, it seems like things are finally moving in the right direction! I'm here in Wien, with a little bit of fever throwback and with a bad headache, don't know why, so the conditions are not the best I could wish for... still, I'm so happy I'm finally getting away, even if just for a while! The "funny" thing is that I still don't have a home in Veneto for when I'll come back in two weeks, so I guess this really is the most "no-roots" moment of my life. I've always been really fond of this song, but having a roof over my head, I have never been able to sing it and mean it 100%. Now I can, and it doesn't feel all bad, I can tell you! Cheers to the world travellers and globe trotters!!

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