3 May 2015

#sundayrevival Spotlight - Jennifer Hudson

Spotlight - Jennifer Hudson
I was about to write that I didn't remember how I got back to this song, but it isn't true, I do remember! A few days ago I was listening to an audio file of my Japanese course that I imported on iTunes and named as Japanese-something in the artist field. Then I went on to listen to the artists that were just below and after 'Empire state of the mind' (Jay-Z) I got to this 2008 hit, which I absolutely love and which always does remind me of my last year of high school, the one year when I was driving my car to school every morning, listening to the radio (RMC - Radio Monte Carlo, usually) and this was one of the songs that were always broadcasted and that has come to be an anthem of that time of my life. Given how recently I got to realise that high school tests and university exams are already blending together in the 'past folder' in my mind, and how I got to recall high school times when meeting with some friends in my hometown last weekend, it seems like a perfect time to post this song! To all the good (and bad) memories related to high school!

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