19 May 2015

The fall - Imagine Dragons

I know you guys love Imagine Dragons, and coming from two very successful posts (thanks for all the likes, views and reshares!! Keep it up!!), I don't wanna lose momentum, so I'm gonna play it safe and share one of the songs that didn't really stand out in Smoke + Mirrors, but that I really end up liking a lot each time I listen to it!
I also want to share with you my experience of tonight: I went to Terminal 21, one of the not-most-famous (is it?) malls in Bangkok, but for sure one of the most peculiar! The theme is an airport (from which the name Terminal) and each floor is called after a famous city in the world and themed accordingly. It's quite funny and entertaining, especially as far as the bathrooms are concerned! Plus, there is a good choice of shops, both more high-end and more affordable, but all of them nice to take a look at, with no people pushing you or inviting you to buy stuff and so on. Besides, it's located at one of the most crowded intersections of the city, so don't miss it out if you like this kind of things and happen to pass by!

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