30 Oct 2015

Chokehold - Adam Lambert

Chokehold - Adam Lambert
Another work week is coming to an end, nowadays it's the only thing that pushes me to go on... I can't wait to be home after the long drive and just relax. I need to put a stop to the life I'm leaving as it's not good for me, like Adam's chains are not good for him. The difference is that he "kinda likes the pain" and is feeling good; I am not. I need to start running away and to stop running around.
I am feeling weird today, my head is spinning somehow and it's like I feel an emptiness inside it, I hope it's gonna go away, I hope I just need to get some rest. Because I really do. Before I choke.

29 Oct 2015

#blogbirthday This is the life - Amy MacDonald

This is the life - Amy MacDonald
I am ashamed. I am deeply ashamed, but I have to live with it, it's a consequence of the life I'm leaving and one of the things that bothers me the most about it. I'm taking about how I forget things: I forget to put my slippers in the baggage, I forget my computer charger, I lose keys, I forget things, I lose control over stuff... and I hate it, as I didn't use to be like that. But I am paying the price for being too stressed out, and this includes missing important things, including the second birthday of the blog. My blog. My creature. The (probably) longest commitment of my life. Two years are a lot, and even I failed to post as often as the name of the blog itself suggests, especially in the past few months, I have given it all for 'A song or two per day', and what I got back is not at all disappointing! I am mostly doing it for myself, as I love sharing the music I like, and finding such great feedback was totally unexpected! I have tried a few complementary paths to share the music I love and I know that most of them were not really successful, but by trial and error I am doing my best to reach the widest audience possible and most importantly to engage other people in talking about great music and in giving each other inspiration and advice. So, here I am, late but not too late, thanks LinkedIn and the people on there for reminding me that I had a job anniversary, and I hope to be back in a little less than 12 months to celebrate the next birthday!
I am celebrating the 24 months of life of my blog with one of my favourite songs ever, which just got played in my car quite randomly, right after another Amy MacDonald song whose lyrics meant a lot for me now, but for such an important occasion I really want to share with you something that is dear to my heart, so here it is, from my heart to yours, 'This is the life' and I really wish for all of you that you know where you're gonna sleep tonight! (I know, but I don't know where I'm gonna sleep next week and the one after, so I guess that most of you are in a better place than me now)!!

28 Oct 2015

March of the pigs - Nine inch nails

March of the pigs - Nine inch nails
The pig is an animal I can really relate to. I mean, I don't love rolling in the mud, but apart from that... I love eating, I have pink skin, I am a human being... what more do I need?! Ok, I read 'Animal farm' by Orwell and I'm probably the only person I know who didn't like it that much, but, well... that maybe is an even stronger claim towards my pig love. I compare myself (and my friends who love eating) to pigs. Actually I took my Korean friend's version of the Italian word ('Maiallo', while the original only has one 'L') and made it my own. And I comment 'maiallo' or 'maialli' every time I eat too much or someone else eats too much, or we all eat too much. And what do we do then to consumer our many calories? Well, of course we march!

27 Oct 2015

A different you - Lunik

A different you - Lunik
I have just picked this song quite randomly out of my current playlist, the first one that struck me because I like it already quite a bit, and now writing the title of the post I have been striken once more because it really is the perfect song to post today...! Something clicked inside of me lately, something that pushed me stronger to release the things that are not making me happy and that are not making me feel good and to focus more on what is important in my life now. I don't know if I feel like I've become a different me and I need to go back to my "true" me, or if this one is "my myself" and I need to become a different me. Anyway, it's time for change, and I think the time has come to start making the wheels turn, as the end of this very intense year comes closer. I need some fresh air in 2016: 2015 has been the year when I become an adult, now I need to figure out how to manage all the things I've learned and the experiences I've done!

25 Oct 2015

#sundayrevival Citizen ship - Patti Smith

Citizen ship - Patti Smith
One of the most exciting F1 races of the last few years has filled up a good part of my day, with both qualifying and race in one day, plus my own "race" to get to Milan, getting ready to be utterly frustrated at my Expo visit tomorrow...! I know it's gonna be tough, but I keep feeling it's gonna be tougher than I expect, anyway I will let you know how it goes...! Now I have to finish up with my preparations, as I will wake up at dawn and get very very tired... sometimes I wonder why I do these things!! Maybe because I care about my world citizen ship! Waking up with this song in my head this morning maybe was linked to this, or maybe not! (Sometimes it's so hard to find links between the songs I post and my damn life!!!)

24 Oct 2015

Street spirit (fade out) - Radiohead

Street spirit (fade out) - Radiohead
Back to Italy once again, already fully immersed in this autumn weather that kills me each and every single time, physically and psychically... gosh, I wish I were back in the tropics... anyway I'm gonna be strong and have to deal with it for a good while at least. It's not all bad to be back, as I can get the chance to rest. Not that this makes me extremely happy, but I really need to recharge my batteries, after these last two very hard weeks and after an overall very tough year for me. I really need to take a break from this stressful life one way or another before it gets me down too badly. I don't wanna fade out from my own well-being like a spirit!

22 Oct 2015

Too much so much very much - เบิร์ด ธงไชย (Thongchai McIntyre)

Too much so much very much - เบิร์ด ธงไชย
Last day of this 5th Thai trip for me, in a few hours we will finish our last session and head to the airport. I really can't wait to sleep sleep sleep, even if I have a few things to do. I am not so eager to get back because the weather at home is quite cold already, but I need my home, my bed, my time zone and a little relax..! I'm sharing with you one of the most popular Thai songs that I have been listening here lately and that our team members sang a couple of times at the party last night, hope you can enjoy this little cultural diversity!

21 Oct 2015

Land - Patti Smith

Land - Patti Smith
These three days of boredom at work have come to an end, we presented our prototypes (my colleagues did, actually) and tomorrow we're gonna have separate sessions divided by business functions, so that we will interact a little bit more hopefully, and then... heading home! The last part of today's meeting was a videoconference with the big boss in Japan on the one side and all the people in Thailand (local consultants, business and global consultants, a.k.a. us) on the other. At one point towards the end I started singing this song in my head, don't know why but I did. And so here I am posting it, right before going to the company party (i.e. a dinner with the local consultants, IT users and key users of other functions, all the people we have been interacting with in these past months). I guess that the project has finally kicked-off, but what about my future? In 40 years will I still be glorious as this album has been during its long history? Time will tell..!!

20 Oct 2015

Thank you for your love - Antony & the Johnsons

Thank you for your love -
Antony & the Johnsons
Hello my dear readers, I know I haven't been posting very regularly lately, I'm sorry about that but my life has been quite hectic here in Bangkok, especially during this last visit: lots of things to do, places to visit, people to meet, and then work work work that makes me wake up crazily early in the morning and get back to the hotel not-so-early... the time is very little and I have been sacrificing my daily tasks, blog and Japanese studies above all, in favour of things I could only do here. I think that, even if this makes me somehow sad, it is the best choice given that I think this is going to be my last visit, at least for a while... so I wanna grab this chance to say thank you to Thailand for the beautiful moments I've spent here until now, hoping to spend many more!!

18 Oct 2015

#sundayrevival Pure shores - All saints

Pure shores - All saints
I have been waiting for the right moment to post this post for a long time, at least since July but probably since even before than that. I got to find again this song I remember from my childhood when I watched the well-renowned movie 'The beach' with Di Caprio, as the song is featured in the soundtrack. Given that I was orbiting around Thailand, I decided I would post it when I would get the chance to spend a weekend on the pure shores of southern Thailand, and finally this moment has come! Ok, I did not go to Phi Phi Islands where the movie was shot (yet), but being in Phuket was awesome enough. So awesome. I-wanna-leave-everything-behind-and-open-a-restaurant-there awesome. Really, it's not usual that experiences leave such a strong mark right when you're living them, so I can't really imagine what effect this weekend will have on me on the long term. Right now I am just cherishing the memories I got and being astonished by the fact that tomorrow I won't be on the beach. What I know is that I'll do my best to back there asap! Have a good new week you all!

15 Oct 2015

Naked love - Adam Lambert

Naked love - Adam Lambert
Hey there folks! It's being a tough but somewhat rewarding week here in Bangkok, as little sleep as I ever got in my life methinks, but I still didn't fall asleep in the office, which is good! I'm trying to enjoy my time here too and it's going quite well, now I need to get back into my routine a little though, take care of my daily tasks, blog included. Tomorrow is the last working day and we organized / are organizing a trip for the weekend, will update you soon about that! In the meantime I'll share with you another powerful tune by Adam Lambert, whose music I am enjoying more and more! Cheers!
PS: I had to use this NSFW image for today's post, the photoshop is hilarious!

13 Oct 2015

I want tomorrow - Enya

I want tomorrow - Enya
Hello my dear readers, it's been a tough couple of days, as you can imagine. Maybe even more than you can imagine! A pair of more than 6 hours flights one right after the other, with some 3-4 hours of cumulative sleep, getting to Bangkok in the evening, the van that was taking us to the hotel smashes against the wall in the motorway, luckily nothing bad happens but what a fright! Then I get to the hotel, I get a smoking room and can only sleep 1.5 hours. That making it an optimistic 5 hours of sleep in two nights. And here I am right before the beginning of the third night. I think you can imagine how in need of sleep I am. And I think you can imagine even better how in need of Enya I have been and still am! Here she is for you, in case you might need her too!

11 Oct 2015

#sundayrevival Maybe California - Tori Amos

Maybe California - Tori Amos
I know, I know... I know what you must be thinking: another Tori sundayrevival?! Yes. I am sorry, well... maybe not so much! It's just that last night has been one of those nights when you think about your life, fully realise that things are not going in a way that works well for you and that you have to do something about it. And when that happens, I always end up going to listen to my favourite albums. And 'Little earthquakes' is my top choice usually. And so I did. And then today I woke up with a couple of Tori songs in my head, more recent ones and so I went on to listen to those albums. And here I am now! At the airport once again, waiting for my flight to Abu Dhabi with final destination Bangkok, but wishing I was flying to California. Maybe California... with all the meaning that I attach to the concept of it, which I'm not going to try and explain to you here now. I'll just take the chance to say goodbye to you for this week!

10 Oct 2015

Darling are you gonna leave me? - London Grammar

Darling are you gonna leave me? -
London Grammar
Here I am, alone at home on an autumn Saturday night, after a nice Indian dinner with my parents (I'm so full), after a massive fish-based lunch at grandma's (I'm so so full). It somehow feels weird to be back in my hometown and not having any of my friends around, but it's been like this for a while now, I already knew our lives would have been going away, scattered in all directions... it actually lasted longer than I expected, meeting each other here quite regularly, but in the last couple of years it's pretty much gone... that's one of the reasons why I'm a bit frustrated that my own life hasn't spread its wings and flown away yet, as I found myself gravitating around home actually more than I did when I used to live just one hour away in University... I think I really need a boost, a new fresh start, like the one that I thought I had had at the beginning of this year, which (until now) didn't turn up to be so fresh after all... but enough with my semi-depressive thoughts, let's get to some depressive music! No, I'm joking, I meant great music! Not of the happiest kind, yeah, but still... one of these songs you really really can't miss out!

9 Oct 2015

The blackest day - Lana del Rey

The blackest day - Lana del Rey
Here I am, at the end of another work week, ready to undertake my 4-hour drive home. Then it's gonna be two weeks in Thailand and then... who knows? The situation at work has been, if possible, even more messed up and uncertian this last week, at least as far as my future is concerned. I don't know what will be of me, I will be flexible and ready to accept the path that my destiny has shaped for me. And then we'll see. In the meanwhile I'll keep enjoying some good music, and I'll keep sharing it with you all. Today I'm getting to post the first song out of Lana's new album since it has been released. After a couple of listens this is my favourite, and I think it actually kind of makes sense with my current situtation, even if I'm living it all with a perfect zen attitude, that is the main learning I've done in these past months!

8 Oct 2015

The bubble I am in - Lunik

The bubble I am in - Lunik
I kind of lost track of Lunik lately, after I completely fell in love with them when they first were broadcasted in Italy, it was like 2008 I guess, they got good radio-play and their 'Lonely letters' album, the first released outside Switzerland, made up mostly of songs featured on their previous, locally-released albums, has quickly gone up to become a personal favourite of mine. I remember buying their next album, 'Small lights in the dark' in Zurich in 2010, but it didn't have the edge their previous work had. And then I lost them, as they didn't get anymore air play in Italy. I just recently found out they had released another album in 2012 and then a final collection the year after just before disbanding, a news that made me a bit sad, as I wished I could see them live. Anyway I have now approached their 2012 work and I have already found some worthy material on it, this being a good example thereof!

7 Oct 2015

A knife in the ocean - Foals

A knife in the ocean - Foals
Hey there, sorry for missing another post yesterday, but I have been... ehm, busy! I'll make it up for you! I have completed a new playlist, which is composed by an impressive 24 songs, so that means a lot of materials that is going directly from my ears to yours! But for now I'm picking out of the last remnants of my playlist n°13 of 2015, in particular from an album that I ended up loving quite a lot (this has been happening quite often this year!), even if some songs on it still haven't found their way into me. I guess that I don't need to make any introduction on Foals, so I'll just leave you with the music, get to study some Japanese and then leave the office and aim for the pool! Have a good evening (or whatever)!

5 Oct 2015

Better than I know myself - Adam Lambert

Better than I know myself - Adam Lambert
I have been listening to some of the albums in my 'Pick and catch' playlist today while driving to work (long drive, with more traffic than usual, took me about 4 hours to get here...) and then while driving to the medical center to get a test done during lunch break. This playlist is the one I use to collect all the new albums I am currently getting to know and I keep it updated, usually taking them out after 10 listens. The last one I've listened to today was the first one on the list, one I already know pretty well, and that is Adam Lambert's sophomore 'Trespassing'. I was deciding which songs to put in my new playlist among the ones that I haven't put already in the previous ones, and the choice is proving to be quite hard, as I kinda can sing most of them with pleasure already!! For this time so I will just post the last good one out of my current playlist, but expect more to come in the near future!

4 Oct 2015

#sundayrevival Hotel - Tori Amos

Hotel - Tori Amos
Sometimes it feels like my sundayrevival is more a ToriAmosrevival than else, but what can I tell you? Each and every day I realise more and more how big the influence is that she and her music have had on my life since they came in it in 2009...! Last week in my car I've been mostly listening to a playlist I made with songs from two of her best albums, i.e. 'Scarlet's Walk' and 'From the Choirgirl Hotel'. And needless to say, I enjoyed every last note of it. Driving back and forth through the hills of Prosecco, singing, dancing and screaming like a madman. "Met 'em in a hotel. Met 'em in a hotel beneath ground. Tell me that he's missing. Tell me this is one for lollipop gestapo..."

You were wild.

Where are you now?

3 Oct 2015

Hurt - Nine Inch Nails

Hurt - Nine Inch Nails
I've been having a strange relationship with NIN's music: I started listening to them at the beginning of this year and unexpectedly liked their music quite a lot! I am not used to listening to "strong" rock, but when I approached them together with Radiohead, which have been in my queue for years, I found myself liking NIN debut album more than 'Pablo honey'. I was thus somehow optimistic, even if people told me to be careful, and they right... I listened to the subsequent EPs by NIN and found them too much for me. Now I got to 'The Downward Spiral' and, even if at the beginning it's been hard, I feel like we're making good progress together! I can't wait to get to "softer" parts of their discography, as I'm confident I will like them quite a lot!

2 Oct 2015

Birch tree - Foals

Birch tree - Foals
Hello again my dear followers, I'm sorry for missing out another post yesterday, but I had my good reasons for being busy! Another work week is coming to an end, I still have no news about my future even if stuff is supposed to be happening in these very days and I hope to know more soon...! The idea of driving home tonight is getting on me, but it feels like the longest time since I last were home (it was less than 2 weeks ago actually). I will have a couple of not-very-young passengers and I don't think I'm gonna have a big chance of listening to music, but I wanna share with you a song out of current playlist: I am really liking Foals' new work, even I still haven't had the chance to listen to it much. I hope I'll be able to focus on it better in the near future! Happy weekend to you all!