29 Oct 2015

#blogbirthday This is the life - Amy MacDonald

This is the life - Amy MacDonald
I am ashamed. I am deeply ashamed, but I have to live with it, it's a consequence of the life I'm leaving and one of the things that bothers me the most about it. I'm taking about how I forget things: I forget to put my slippers in the baggage, I forget my computer charger, I lose keys, I forget things, I lose control over stuff... and I hate it, as I didn't use to be like that. But I am paying the price for being too stressed out, and this includes missing important things, including the second birthday of the blog. My blog. My creature. The (probably) longest commitment of my life. Two years are a lot, and even I failed to post as often as the name of the blog itself suggests, especially in the past few months, I have given it all for 'A song or two per day', and what I got back is not at all disappointing! I am mostly doing it for myself, as I love sharing the music I like, and finding such great feedback was totally unexpected! I have tried a few complementary paths to share the music I love and I know that most of them were not really successful, but by trial and error I am doing my best to reach the widest audience possible and most importantly to engage other people in talking about great music and in giving each other inspiration and advice. So, here I am, late but not too late, thanks LinkedIn and the people on there for reminding me that I had a job anniversary, and I hope to be back in a little less than 12 months to celebrate the next birthday!
I am celebrating the 24 months of life of my blog with one of my favourite songs ever, which just got played in my car quite randomly, right after another Amy MacDonald song whose lyrics meant a lot for me now, but for such an important occasion I really want to share with you something that is dear to my heart, so here it is, from my heart to yours, 'This is the life' and I really wish for all of you that you know where you're gonna sleep tonight! (I know, but I don't know where I'm gonna sleep next week and the one after, so I guess that most of you are in a better place than me now)!!

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