18 Oct 2015

#sundayrevival Pure shores - All saints

Pure shores - All saints
I have been waiting for the right moment to post this post for a long time, at least since July but probably since even before than that. I got to find again this song I remember from my childhood when I watched the well-renowned movie 'The beach' with Di Caprio, as the song is featured in the soundtrack. Given that I was orbiting around Thailand, I decided I would post it when I would get the chance to spend a weekend on the pure shores of southern Thailand, and finally this moment has come! Ok, I did not go to Phi Phi Islands where the movie was shot (yet), but being in Phuket was awesome enough. So awesome. I-wanna-leave-everything-behind-and-open-a-restaurant-there awesome. Really, it's not usual that experiences leave such a strong mark right when you're living them, so I can't really imagine what effect this weekend will have on me on the long term. Right now I am just cherishing the memories I got and being astonished by the fact that tomorrow I won't be on the beach. What I know is that I'll do my best to back there asap! Have a good new week you all!

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