11 Oct 2015

#sundayrevival Maybe California - Tori Amos

Maybe California - Tori Amos
I know, I know... I know what you must be thinking: another Tori sundayrevival?! Yes. I am sorry, well... maybe not so much! It's just that last night has been one of those nights when you think about your life, fully realise that things are not going in a way that works well for you and that you have to do something about it. And when that happens, I always end up going to listen to my favourite albums. And 'Little earthquakes' is my top choice usually. And so I did. And then today I woke up with a couple of Tori songs in my head, more recent ones and so I went on to listen to those albums. And here I am now! At the airport once again, waiting for my flight to Abu Dhabi with final destination Bangkok, but wishing I was flying to California. Maybe California... with all the meaning that I attach to the concept of it, which I'm not going to try and explain to you here now. I'll just take the chance to say goodbye to you for this week!

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