25 Oct 2015

#sundayrevival Citizen ship - Patti Smith

Citizen ship - Patti Smith
One of the most exciting F1 races of the last few years has filled up a good part of my day, with both qualifying and race in one day, plus my own "race" to get to Milan, getting ready to be utterly frustrated at my Expo visit tomorrow...! I know it's gonna be tough, but I keep feeling it's gonna be tougher than I expect, anyway I will let you know how it goes...! Now I have to finish up with my preparations, as I will wake up at dawn and get very very tired... sometimes I wonder why I do these things!! Maybe because I care about my world citizen ship! Waking up with this song in my head this morning maybe was linked to this, or maybe not! (Sometimes it's so hard to find links between the songs I post and my damn life!!!)

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