29 Nov 2016

Death disco - Sekai no Owari

Death disco - Sekai no Owari
Clockenflap has come to an end, I am still recovering from it (especially from the rain I took on Saturday, which has left me with an ongoing sore throat), but it's been well worth it! It's been a increasing feast of enjoyment and the cherry on the pie have been Sekai no Owari, whose performance has been amazing!! I didn't expect them to be so good, I didn't expect so many people to sing all the songs by heart (even the ones in Japanese) and well... the whole thing has turned out to be unforgettable!! I can't wait to get to know their music better and hopefully to see them live again soon! They are due for an international debut in the end, aren't they...?

26 Nov 2016

Flickers - London Grammar

Flickers - London Grammar
Toughest day, wasn't it today? Super tough, loads of rain pouring down form the sky with more or less strength but with absolutely no break whatsoever! Welcome to Hong Kong, the Britain of Asia! Pairs of wet socks at the end of the day: 4. Pairs of wet shoes at the end of the day: 2. New pairs of socks: 3. New pairs of shoes: 1. Soaked bones: 206. Was it worth it? Well... yes. Jose Gonzalez in the afternoon has been great!! London Grammar at night has been good but not as much, mostly "thanks to" drunk & high British teenagers everywhere and the multitude of umbrellas between my eyes and the set. All in all, tough day. Worth it? Yes. Would do it again? Well... the last of the festival is tomorrow!

What will - José González

What will - Jose Gonzalez
Clockenflap has finally begun after a pretty busy week for me, so I wish I had a couple more days to recover in preparation of it, but you know... life goes its own way! Last night I enjoyed Sigur ros, even if I practically didn't know their music. The concert has been powerful and enjoyable, so it's been worth it. Today is the main dish for me, the main reason why I bought the ticket: Jose Gonzalez and London Grammar are awaited on the stage, and I can't wait any longer! I'm about to get out and enjoy, will tell you how it goes later, hoping it won't rain (too much)!!

22 Nov 2016

What happened to us? - Shura

What happened to us? - Shura
I'm already happy about buying my ticket for Clockeflap even if the festival hasn't started yet, as I have already got to know new, awesome music thanks to it! Shura is of course a big part of this and I really love this song, especially how it fits perfectly my life in this moment!!

You were somebody to me once
But now you're a fiction
Someone that I made up
Turns out it was too much for us
And if we met in five years, would we notice?

Funny how we remember things
How we hold on to the good
But throw out the bad stuff
What happened to us?

I was never ready for your love
No, I'm no child but I don't feel grown up
I was never ready, it was never meant to be
So tell me how come I still feel so messed up

20 Nov 2016

Nandemo nai ya - RADWIMPS

Nandemo nai ya - RADWIMPS
I just came back from a nice night which involved watching "Kimi no na ha", aka "Your name", a recently released anime movie I wanted to watch! The film is quite nice, take some time to watch it if you like the genre, it's well worth it! I also liked the soundtrack music, this song in particular. It's featured both at the beginning and at the end, so you really can't miss it out!
Happy beginning of a new week to you all!

19 Nov 2016

Mother - Tori Amos

Mother - Tori Amos
Last night I was reading an interview that Tori made together with Justin Timberlake, Sting, Alicia Keys, Pharrell and John Legend about songwriting and music, and she was talking about her debut album 'Little earthquakes', which is probably in my top 5 of all times! I of course had to go listen to it, and well... even when having it in the background while doing other things, if the moment is right it can convey such a strong energy...! Its magic is unparalleled and it always resonates with me in one way or another. 'Mother' is one of my favourites in an album of favourites, and it is the one that really resonated with me last night. It's her time to shine here on the blog.

"Go, go, go, go now out of nest it's time, go, go, go now, circus girl without a safety net..."

15 Nov 2016

2shy - Shura

2shy - Shura
Clockenflap is approaching and in order to best enjoy my first ever music festival experience, I started listening to some of the artists that will perform besides the ones that I know and that drove me to buy the ticket. One of the new discoveries I made in this way is Shura, a UK-based new artist whose music didn't take long to enter my inner music soul. More people I can't wait to listen to and just 10 more days to wait!! So excited and not shy about it at all!

12 Nov 2016

Feel it all - KT Tunstall

Feel it all - KT Tunstall
Finding a new favourite spot in Hong Kong, spending a good, relaxing Saturday afternoon, enjoying one of the (probably) last warm suns of this year that is coming to an end... it's almost time to sum this 2016 up! I think this song is a good one in both regards: this has actually been a year in which I have felt it all, moving to very high highs to very low lows, like it hadn't happened for a while... overall the balance is quite positive though. Still one month and a half to go, I'm expecting more surprises on the road in front of me! On the other side, KT's second latest album is an awesome soundtrack for a lazy afternoon, hope you can use it too!

11 Nov 2016

Life me up - OneRepublic

Lift me up - OneRepublic
Life has a weird way of unravelling and, well... you can't do anything but go with it. Sometimes you get bored for months and then a few weeks or days look like a whole season of an addictive TV series, what surrounds you is... hard to describe, almost surreal! Things go wrong, and somewhat right, and then wrong again. You find yourself going out every night for a whole week at 26, probably for the first time in your life. And it somehow makes sense, it's not just a good feeling, but it's a feeling and that's what matters in the end, isn't it? We are all just tryin' to find somebody who lifts us up when we're feelin' down, aren't we?

8 Nov 2016

Northern lad - Tori Amos

Northern lad - Tori Amos
I often say that life is a sea of shit with a few moments of happiness interspersed here and there, and somehow even when it looks like I might be proven wrong, I end up being right. What can one do about it? Learn to swim through the sludge and try to keep your head up.

"Had a northern lad, well not exactly had
He moved like the sunset, god who painted that
First he love my accent, how his knees could bend
I thought we'd be ok, me and my molasses

But I feel something is wrong
But I feel this cake just isn't done
Don't say that you don't

And if you could see me now
Said if you could see me now
Girls you've got to know
When it's time to turn the page
When you're only wet
Because of the rain..."

5 Nov 2016

We float - PJ Harvey

We float - PJ Harvey
Sometimes you need to take a few days more slowly, take your breath, and maybe you let a whole week pass by without posting... well, it didn't go so slow after all I guess! Then you have great Friday nights and Saturday nights when... well, let's say your mood swings, to use a euphemism. Letting people in is what makes your life better, but also what makes you vulnerable and sometimes make you feel like shit willy-nilly. Add stress onto it, and the picture is complete. Thanks goodness destiny sends to your path other people , that can help you get it out in a better way than you could do by yourself. Words are powerful. Remembering what is important is important. Cyclical relationship. We float. Take life as it comes.