22 Nov 2016

What happened to us? - Shura

What happened to us? - Shura
I'm already happy about buying my ticket for Clockeflap even if the festival hasn't started yet, as I have already got to know new, awesome music thanks to it! Shura is of course a big part of this and I really love this song, especially how it fits perfectly my life in this moment!!

You were somebody to me once
But now you're a fiction
Someone that I made up
Turns out it was too much for us
And if we met in five years, would we notice?

Funny how we remember things
How we hold on to the good
But throw out the bad stuff
What happened to us?

I was never ready for your love
No, I'm no child but I don't feel grown up
I was never ready, it was never meant to be
So tell me how come I still feel so messed up

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