31 Dec 2013

Fred Astaire - San Cisco

Hey guys! Last post of the year! This is one of my favourite songs out of (one of) my favourite new band of 2013, San Cisco, so it still makes perfect sense with the 2013 best project! Well, I still have another 2013-best song to tell you about, but I will do it tomorrow, as it also has a pretty entertaining story behind it! For the time being, enjoy San Cisco, enjoy new year's eve and happy 2014! See you next year!

Girlfriend - Phoenix

Let's go on with the 2013 best! Another one of my top bands of this past year has been Phoenix; I've listened to their whole discography but my favourite has always been their (then) last album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which is also the first one I got to listen (their new work, Bankrupt, was out in middle 2013, I still haven't got to that one yet!). It was not love at first "listening", but almost. Here is one of the tracks I like the most out of this very good album!
Let's start getting ready to celebrate the end of this 2013!

30 Dec 2013

Fire - Kasabian

So, let's go on with my 2013 best! This one dates back to last summer... I had already made up my mind about getting to know Kasabian and the process was quickened by the fact that they were about to give a free gig in the Dumo square in Milan! In the end Fire was the song I loved the most at the time of the concert (I haven't had much time to listen to them before it, it's been like a week between when I started and when the gig took place) and is probably (among) the one(s) I still like the most, so... enjoy!

Everything's good - Lene Marlin

A little bit out of context of my 2013 best now. Twist the truth is one of my favourite winter albums and, even if it dates back to 2009, is currently the last album released by Lene Marlin. I really love the atmosphere that the songs on this album recreate, especially in winter times. This track is the opening, not one of my absolute favs but still a good one for getting ready to spend a comfortable time under the blankets or with a cup of tea in hand!

29 Dec 2013

Bedroom hymns - Florence + the Machine (Holmes + Watson edit)

Last night I finished reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and I had already been planning to post this one when I would have finished, so the time has come! Moreover, this is Florence's song that I've been the closest to this past year, so it also makes sense in the context of my best of 2013! What more? There's really little that can compare with this mostly awesome mix!

28 Dec 2013

National anthem - Lana del Rey

Hey guys! I can make it, I know it! You see? Today I am even getting to post the song on time! Yay!
Yesterday there has been a casual combination of factors that brought me to listen to Lana del Rey and one of her songs was already on the list of my 2013 best, so it makes real sense to make a post about her now! I also realised, by listening to her last album (the only one I know, by the way), how familiar I am with her songs! I didn't remember listening that much to her. Well, whatever... here is another one of my best tunes of 2013!

Come in please - Edward Sharpe and the Magentic Zeros

Hey everybody! Hope the xmas holidays are going well for all of you! The concept of a song per day is pretty much going nuts, especially the 24h day part, but well... let's get it for what it is!
This year is coming to an end, so in these last few days I'll post some of the songs I've been mostly in love with in 2013. Some of them have already been featured here (mainly Cristalysed by The XX, which went on to become my song of the year 2013), so I'll now focus on the other 2013 best tunes that have not had their share of glory yet. Today I'm starting with another one of my best new musical friends of this year, the Magnetic Zeros: this is my favourite song of theirs, Come in please!
Have a great day and stay tuned for more 2013 best to come! See ya!

26 Dec 2013

Learn to love again - Lawson

Poppish moment guys, I know and I am ashamed, but sometimes I fall trap of artificial music too. I must say that I am not particularly in love with Lawson (if you don't know them, they are a kind of rockier One Direction), but I've been listening to their CD and I found them.... well enjoyable. That's the most I can say. This is one of the most enjoyable songs, even though they are more or less all alike!
Keep on having great holidays!

25 Dec 2013

Have yourself a merry little christmas - Tori Amos

Have yourself a merry little christmas! Be you a christian, an atheist, a believer in another religion or whatever else, never let go a chance to be with the people who care about you and who you care about. Even if you don't care about the reason for celebrating, take the chance and spread some love, it never hurts! And if you have no one close to you, know that I am thinking of you too and that soon enough you will be reunited with the ones you love and/or find somebody new who cares about you!

24 Dec 2013

Talk - Coldplay

Dear all, yesterday I've completely forgotten the blog, it's been a quite busy day, baking my first cake all alone and arranging things for the xmas dinner with my friends. And when you wake up at 14.30 past, well... the day ain't that long! But I'm sure the christmas spirit makes everybody happier and more forgiving (yes, sure!). I'm gonna make it up with the song I had in mind for yesterday's post. I've been pretty much into Coldplay, in particularly their X&Y album. Actually the few songs I had out of that album. One of them is this one, so enjoy and have a merry christmas eve!

23 Dec 2013

White is in the winter night - Enya

It's almost christmas time so I'll give you one of my most favourite christmas songs!! Sorry for the delay (once again), I've forgotten to post this afternoon and then I got busy...!
Get ready to celebrate!

21 Dec 2013

Infinity - The XX

Infinity - The XX
First day of winter, so you'll get what I was listening to at the end of last winter, just to close the circle. Get some XX.
We have also almost come to the end of the year, so you'll get what I've been listening to the most this past year.
Get some XX.

Happy first day of winter (and happy birthday)!

20 Dec 2013

Wake up call - Maroon 5

Hey there! Today I am finally on time! I will do an experiment now, meaning that I'll pick a song that I have not been listening to nor thinking about lately. Just for a change. I'll take my inspiration from another source, in this particular instance from the cover picture of the Fb page of the blog. I've just noticed that I've placed a sexy Adam Levine there, but no songs of his has been on the blog yet. So, well... let's feature Maroon 5!

Man of simple pleasures - Kasabian

I'm getting the bad habit to post just after midnight, ain't I? Shame on me! Well, I must say I'm not 100% sure about today's (or, better, yesterday's) post... ok, I made up my mind. I had a curiosity about them, I got to know them thanks to a free concert they held last summer in Piazza Duomo (Milan's center) and yesterday, taking advantage from a 50% discount, I bought their last CD, which I've been seeking after (at a good price) for quite a while! Well, it was a special edition with the CD + an Italian version EP of Man of simple pleasures. They are obviously Kasabian, and this is my pick!
PS: I say hi to my friend C. who loves this one, I know!

19 Dec 2013

Rocket ship - San Cisco

Missed a day again, in my defense I can say that I've been pretty busy AND that I already had the song!! It is on my final playlist of the year + last night they played it on the Deejay TV that was going on while I was eating out, sooo no doubt about it! I will go on with my campaign for the diffusion of the great band that San Cisco are! Love them too and spread the word! Cheers!

17 Dec 2013

Beauty of uncertainty - KT Tunstall

I'm taking inspiration from last days random browsing in my library for the post of today. This is probably among my personal KT top-3, and it's a great one for this time of year too (actually maybe for January, with the snow all around you, a cup of tea or chocolate in one hand, a good book in the other, a comfy armchair, a blanket... well, you get the idea). I must say I'm not sure I am 100% in agreement with the meaning of the song, as I tend to like having things under control sometimes. Some other times though... well, it's nice to not know what's going on and to just ride the wave, especially when it's about traveling new roads, I'll give KT some credit on that!

16 Dec 2013

You already know - Arcade Fire

Last night I kept on going on with the shuffle and I thought about picking up for the post of today one of the songs iTunes gave me at least a couple of times. Yet right now I made up my mind and I decided I will pick another song instead! Running the risk to be boring, here is another one from what I can now safely assume will be my favourite 2013 album, i.e. Arcade Fire's Reflektor. The song is called You already know and it's another masterpiece brought to life by the Montréal-based band. Enjoy!

15 Dec 2013

All wash out - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Hey guys, hope you are approaching the holidays in the best mood possible! Today I have for you a song that has been going through my mind for a couple of days now. I was thinking about washing and stuff (I'm really looking forward to the full shower I'm gonna get tomorrow after they remove the stitches I got with my last operation some ten days ago!) and then this song suddenly came to my mind and it stuck there. It's still one of songs I like the most by a group that I got to know earlier this year, so it makes perfect sense for it to be here!

14 Dec 2013

Your manifesto - Elisa

Today I have been getting a lot of inspiration just by turning on to the shuffle mode of my iTunes library! I'm building the last playlist of the year, so I got some songs for that, but I also got the chance to listen to songs I already love and I hadn't been listening to for quite a while. One of these is the one I'm using for my post of today. The year was 2009 and the album is Heart, the last album of Elisa I have listened to in its entirety. Some of the songs were not that great, but some others... I took quite a liking for them. This is obviously one of them.

13 Dec 2013

Happy Xmas (war is over) - Céline Dion

I know it's a little bit early (not that early, damn it, it's just a couple of weeks and I still need ideas for all my presents!) but I officially started listening to christmas music, so get some!

Love today - Mika

I forgot my blog again, shame on me! In the last few days I have been at home and I have been somehow following the final days of the Italian X Factor 2013, where Mika was playing the role of a judge + we have watched an old concert of his broadcasted on sky + he held a conference at my university I wasn't able to attend (damn me), so today (even if it counts for yesterday) I'll give you one of my (probably my most) favourite song of his. 'Cos everybody's gonna love today!

11 Dec 2013

Candy - Robbie Williams

Today is a day of lost occasions for me... a dear friend of mine is graduating this afternoon and tonight there will be a conference with Mika in my University. Yet I still didn't recover completely from my operation and I didn't feel ready to go to Milan for these two important events and I'm pretty sad about that. But that's life, I have to deal with it. To cheer up a little bit I'll post a cheerful song that came to my mind a few hours ago. Byee!

10 Dec 2013

Fletta - Antony & the Johnsons (feat. Bjork)

Today I'm coming to you with another tune from a CD I started listening to recently. They are Antony and the Johnsons, an alternative band formed by British New York-based artist Antony Hegarty. I remember vividly the moment when I was first listening to their 2011 album Swanlights on the main street of Lyon a few days ago, freezing in my clothes but tasting the smell of snow in the air. At one point this song started and I was all like "Wait! ... but... this must be Bjork!". And so it was. And in the end this is the song of the album I have been loving the most so far. Enjoy this fusion of England, Iceland and New York (and France, why not? Context matters).

9 Dec 2013

Limp - Fiona Apple

It seems to make great sense to post this now! I'm feeling a bit limp today, I'm still not walking perfectly straight, but it's ok...! And it was time to post some Fiona... her first album, I liked it but not loved it. I'm feeling more attached to the second one, I'm still listening to it to get to know it better but I like it more than the other already!

Touch - Lawson

Mea culpa, yesterday I forgot to post. In my defense, I thought about it 2 or 3 times, but I postponed to the point I forgot! Given that midnight has not struck long ago, I'll make up now. Today you'll get a song from a band that emerged pretty recently, I think, and that I have started listening to a couple of weeks ago. It's nothing outstandingly innovative, but it's enjoyable boy-band pop/rock.

7 Dec 2013

Mountain sound - Of monsters and men

Hi there, I'm back home! The took away my appendix, now they sent me back home, I don't feel that well already but for sure better then a couple days ago when I was aching like hell! So I'm ready to get back to you as usual! I'll give you something I was listening to extensively about one year ago, they're very good and I'm sure you know them already, maybe thanks to another, more famous, song! Have a good saturday!

6 Dec 2013

Hospital beds - Florence + the Machine

Hey guys! I'm at the hospital right now, it's been a rough couple of days, I'll give you more news soon!

EDIT: Just to be coherent with the aim of the blog I have added a video!

5 Dec 2013

Water - PJ Harvey

Strong link between this post and the last one: yesterday's song just got in my Best20 playlist stealing the place to this poor little one. That I ended up listening, again, almost casually. Seemed legit at least to put it here. Still, one of my fav songs ever and one of PJ's best IMHO. G'nite!

4 Dec 2013

Half light II (No celebration) - Arcade Fire

Hey guys! Hope you're well and a little less stressed than I am! Anyway, all the small pieces seem to be slowly going each to their place, let's hope everything's gonna be good and done in 10 days! Last night I was having issues with the Internet connection and so some precious time went lost. Obviously in such a moment of dismay I didn't have the clear mind to do some offline work! So I got into a loop of wasting time and there I got obsessed by a "trio" of songs: one of them has been already featured up here (Cristalysed), the other two are on the same album, one of them is my current phone ringtone and the other one was the previous ringtone. I just have space for one now, so I'll pick my favourite out of the two, which I consider as kind of sisters. This one is just fabulous in my opinion, so all of this pamphlet was just to fill the space, as it needs no introduction!

3 Dec 2013

Yellow - Coldplay

Last night I was realising how everything is coming to an end already... My Master of Science is practically ending now, today is my last day of actual lectures and all of my friends are leaving or staying here, while I'm gonna go away. It's the end of it and I feel particularly melancholic. Then when I was coming home this song came out of the playlist I was listening to, and I added it a few days ago, when I was walking on the pier of Howth, a small town on the sea north of Dublin... It all seemed to make sense, so I have had no doubt about the post of today!
To good times!

2 Dec 2013

Snowflake - Kate Bush

This morning I got out of home pretty early and as soon as I left the warm comfort of the flat I started freezing. It made sense that this song came to my mind immediately, given that I listened to it (and the album it is in) a lot while I was living in Canada for my exchange (winter) semester, but also because of its meaning and title themselves. I really hope for you that you are not experiencing this feeling of "freezedom" too, unless you love cold that much of course!

1 Dec 2013

I follow rivers (The Magician remix) - Lykke Li

Today I have been pretty busy working (already) (again). Yes, another report due tomorrow. And one presentation the day after. It's really going on at one per day in these days, isn't it? But I'll get through! While working on my PC this afternoon at one point I suddenly felt the need for some shaking, so I kind of naturally went to this. I'll post it here, in case you need some shaking too. Good night!