31 Aug 2015

Mississippi - Mac Powell

Mississippi - Mac Powell
This morning I started driving to work and as soon as Lykke Li stopped playing, this song came out of my iPod (thanks, alphabetical order for always being such a great source of inspiration!), and I immediately entered the "country-music" mood, shifting to the whole country playlist I compiled in 2013 after spending two of the best weeks of my life in Midwest doing a research project. I looked for random country music (playlists) on Spotify and elsewhere, and voilà! I really enjoy listening back to this playlist from time to time, and today was one of these days! This song in particular was the one that gave me the initial boost, so it's the one I'm sharing now with you! And beware: by the time you get to 10 Mississippi, I'm gonna be long gone!

30 Aug 2015

#sundayrevival Tear in your hand - Tori Amos

Tear in your hand (live VH1) - Tori Amos
Here we are, after a totally unexpected weekend (and actually a totally unexpected whole week I dare say)! I got to know a couple of people around here, which was quite unexpected, and then I spent two beautiful, sunny, summery, hot, blue-skied days at the lake (yesterday) and at the pool (today). Of course there was no lack of a few moments of thinking about my life, what I'm doing with it, what I'm not happy about, what I could change, what I want to change and so on... but it wouldn't be me if I didn't get a couple of those each week! I have been feeling for a while that some big changes are on the way and this 2015 already proved to be a kind of a turning-page year for me. Let's hope it will keep on running on this road! But, as every sunday, I have to keep an eye on the past, look back at songs I loved and still love and that still hold a great meaning for me. I found this live performance of one of my favourite Tori songs (out of my favourite Tori album) casually on YouTube and it reminded me why I love her so much and why I love this song so much. I hope you can enjoy it too, and that it can teach you a powerful lecture as it did with me.

"You don't know the power that you have with a tear in your hand..."

"I tell you there're pieces of me you've never seen.
Maybe she's just pieces of me you've never seen..."

Call it what you want - Foster the People

Call it what you want - Foester the People
Ok today I've been listening to Foster the People in my car and I thought I could check whether I had already posted one song of theirs I felt a link to, and yes, I already did, as I thought. But one moment later (now) I realised that I never posted one of my favourite FTP songs since I started listening to them! Let me check again as I can't believe it... it's true! I haven't posted it! So I'm gonna instantly put remedy to that! Or maybe not... there's one other song I haven't posted that is more pressing now, so I'll leave this as a draft for a short while!
And here I am again! Just some 24 hours later! And what good 24 hours! I spent almost half of them sleeping and a good part of the other half relaxing on a beautiful lake north of here, sunbathing and enjoying the (likely) last weekend of summer and then briefly visiting Belluno, the second-to-last province town in Veneto that I hadn't visited yet! What a good day!

29 Aug 2015

Moon - Foals

Moon (live at KEXP) - Foals
I was already more than halfway through posting another song (right after not wanting to post today/night and then changing my mind, because it doesn't make sense to have a personal blog and not to write anything on it the nights you find yourself seating in your car, staring at the moon and thinking about the meaning of life! Ok, then I went on to listen to this song on repeat three times laying on my bed in the dark AND also going to listen to the song that I'm gonna post (I was gonna say tomorrow but I'm forgetting that tonite was not saturday, saturday is now, so tomorrow would actually be correct!) for the sunday revival post! Loads of inspiration tonight, as I finally started finding some life in Veneto, there are bars, there are people who are outside at night! I've finally been a witness of that! And then there's people (like me) who even when they go out in the "nightlife" (and maybe even more so), then get back home and start thinking about the meaning of life, staring at the beautiful, beautiful night sky! Of course with a most appropriate soundtrack, as this one is! Especially in this beautiful live version on KEXP I just found out about!

27 Aug 2015

A commotion - Feist

A commotion - Feist
I am already stopping my posting out of my current playlists after just one day, but I really need to! I've been listening to quite a lot off "old music" lately, and Feist is a part of it still, as she's what's currently playing in my car. This morning while I was driving to work I got this song and I had to replay it twice, as screaming "A COMMOTION" in my car felt too good, with the roof open, driving through the vineyard-filled hills around here (the land of Prosecco!), surrounded by a beautiful landscape and with a hot late-summer sun shining on me... perfect moment that I wanted to share with you. Follow by a pretty quiet (but eventful) day at the office, with the uncertainty raging stronger and stronger in my life! Who knows what's gonna happen...!

26 Aug 2015

Backyard - Of Monsters and Men

Backyard - Of Monsters and Men
Lately I've been posting little or no songs out of the music I'm currently listening to (aka my playlists), so I guess the time has come to put remedy to that! I'm gonna do that with Of Monsters and Men, whose new album I really like now, after it took a while for me to really get it under my skin. This, I believe, is one of the bonus tracks, or extra materials of the album, but it stands perfectly fine together with the rest of the music! After a (so far) boring week at work and prospects of a less boring life here in Veneto, I'll leave you and devote to my Japanese language studies! Oyasuminasai! - おあすみなさい!

Polaroid - Imagine Dragons

Polaroid - Imagine Dragons
At first I liked this song on S+M, but it didn't stand out among the other great ones in the album. Then I've gotten very much obsessed by this song one day a couple weeks ago, but I sensed that Imagine Dragons were about to release it as the next single out of their new album and I have been waiting for an official video of it to go with my post.

But I have been waiting SO LONG!

And well... here I am posting this song a looong time (I think I drafted it a few months ago) after the idea of posting it came to my mind! I thought the Dragons would use this as a single, but they didn't (yet), so I guess it's just time to post it and get it done with! I listened to their new album again while driving here on Monday morning and... well, too bad for them that Florence released an album this year too, otherwise they would've been likely candidates for my personal album of the year 2015!!

24 Aug 2015

Mountain at my gates - Foals

Mountain at my gates - Foals
I'm so glad I haven't posted this song yet, as I can do it now! And today's the right day! I'm so in love with this one, even if I haven't listened to it too much so far. I can't wait for Foals' new album, as the material they released in advance is pretty good! And this one in particular, I'm in love with it and I get all turned up every time it starts playing! The video is very cool too, I suggest you should go watch it (and interact with it, most importantly)!! This song gives me a good charge, and it's just what I need on a gloomy and rainy monday that represented my going back to work after two weeks of summer vacation! I hope it can be of help to you too!

23 Aug 2015

#sundayrevival Oops!... I did it again - Britney Spears

Oops!... I did it again - Britney Spears
Ok, in my defense I want to say that I didn't start this blog to post Britney Spears (and the kind) music. I haven't (almost never) done it so far. But sometimes it makes sense, and when you enjoy things and they don't harm anyone and they make sense, why not do them? At the end of our road trip, when we were crossing the last part of Switzerland before coming back to Italy, we ended up listening to Britney quite a bit (and then we moved to the opening songs of the cartoons they showed on TV when we were little!), especially to this one, which has never been among my favourites of hers (ok, now, I probably have 5 songs of hers and this is the one I like the least, let's put it like this), but I don't dislike it and in some circumstances, as I said already, it makes sense. I hope it can make sense to you today. Actually it's my last day off work, so going back tomorrow after 2 weeks it's gonna be hard! Maybe I need more trash pop music, maybe I need more Britney...!

22 Aug 2015

Together again - Janet Jackson

Together again - Janet Jackson
Here I am, back from my road trip! We came back yesterday and after a walk through my hometown I had dinner and then went out again. Before reaching home we visited Bellinzona, one of the bigger towns in the Italian part of Switzerland, a place I've never dreamed of visiting but I was very glad we did, as it is a very nice place, with a historic city center and it has three castles just above downtown where you can climb up to and have an amazing view of the valley below! All in all I'm very glad and happy about the whole trip, now I have to put myself back into the framework of going to work next week. Good luck to me for that (and to all the other people who share my fate)! About this song, it just happen to play as I was driving back home after leaving my trip mates at the station and I thought it was a good one to share with you, so (with a little delay) here it is!

19 Aug 2015

The reason - Hoobastank

Hoobastank - The reason
Our road trip through Switzerland is going on, and after the beautiful Luzern, Zurich and Bern we have come to Basel, a city I have been willing to come to visit for the longest time! After a first, superficial look, the city center is maybe not as pretty as in the other cities we've visited, but my impression is not negative! Of course we have been driving miles and miles and music has been a good companion. I've been playing extensively out of my 2000s music playlists and today I am posting another song we've listened to (and of course sung to) in the car!

17 Aug 2015

Shadow of the day - Linkin Park

Shadow of the day - Linkin Park
Here I am, lost in the heart of Europe! I am on a mountain in Liechtenstein (yeah, I know, many of those of you reading from outside Europe won't even know what that is!), at the end of a small town just above Vaduz, at the foot of skiing tracks and taller mountains! But hey, it's a road-trip! I am travelling through Switzerland with a couple of friends and this is out first stop, which is not in Switzerland (but almost and kind of). The landscapes are beautiful, the weather cold and cloudy/rainish, the time we're having great and the music... quite cool! We've been mostly playing one of my playlists with 00s music, but before that a little OneRepublic and Linkin Park. Given that I have never posted any song of the latter, it seems like a good moment to begin, and I'm doing it with one of my favourite songs of theirs! Have a good night you all!

16 Aug 2015

#sundayrevival Imitation of life - R.E.M.

Imitation of life - R.E.M.
Yesterday was Ferragosto, one of my least favourite days in the whole year: it's the day when everything is closed in the cities, everybody is out and about, so places are crowded and expensive, and I (as all of my fellow Italians) am torn between staying at home doing nothing or going somewhere crowded and paying a lot of money for it. Well... this year it looks like I found a great solution to the problem: gather a good amount of people and have them over for a lunch-to-after-dinner event! And it's been awesome! My life is just so hectic lately that I get very very little time to spend with the people I really care about, so every time I get the chance to do it, I can't help rejoicing! Yesterday has been a great day, one of my best Ferragostos for sure! And back to the music: it feels weird posting something that is not London Grammar music today as I've been listening intensively to their debut album (and only one, so far). But I've been listening to other music too, and quite a lot of it, both yesterday with people around and today while I was cleaning up. And this album, R.E.M.'s 'Reveal', was noticed among the others in my collection by one of the friends I had over. We didn't get to play it yesterday, but after talking about it, I had it on my mind and I decided to play it today. And well... 'Imitation of life' is probably my favourite R.E.M. song, so it really does feel right to post it now!
After another hectic day cleaning-up and putting everything in order today, tomorrow I'll be on the road again, but I hope I'll get a little time to share my next adventures with you in the next few days! Even if summer is over (here at least), have a great new week!!

14 Aug 2015

Let me down easy - Sheppard

Let me down easy - Sheppard
Last night I went to bed quite late, as I finished watching the 11th (and last) season of 'Shameless' (UK Version), and when I came on the blog at past 2 AM I searched for a couple of songs that had made my day and realised I had already posted them, I decided to call it a day and to come back today. And here I am! I have absolutely no idea why I woke up with this song on my mind this morning, and I actually thought I already posted this one too, but I haven't and so I'm doing it now! I wish you all a great day and a great end of summer (here unfortunately I fear the best weather is over...)!

12 Aug 2015

Make up your mind - Florence + the Machine

"Make up your mind before I make it up for you!"

Make up your mind -
Florence + the Machine
Recently one of my best friends told me (for the nth time) that I should let things go and not try to have everything under control. Maybe it's true. But I don't really feel like I need control over things or people... I just need control over me, my life, what I do, what I will do, my plans, my transfers, my actions... thinking about the fact that my life is in fact embedded in the world and linked to many other people's, and especially depending on other people's decisions and moves (especially under the professional point of view), maybe she's not so wrong. What the hell, why can't people just make up their mind? Why can't I make up my own mind?

"Although the axe is heavy, it just sits in my hands
While you're changing like the current, not a shore on land"

Novocaine - Goodbye Lies

Novocaine - Goodbye Lies
I am a bit surprised by that, but I just noticed that this is the tenth post in a row featuring a different artist/band, I don't think that happens often due to my habit of listening to whole albums when I approach new music...! Anyway, good for the blog, good for you so that you get different music and good for me, as it means I'm inspired by different artists in this moment! This band... I got to know it thanks to Brian Lowe, who is a part of it, but don't ask me how I got to know him as I don't remember! Anyway he posted on Fb a link to download for free the first EP a while ago, and I did it immediately. It took me a while to get to listen it then, and even longer to get into the music, but in the end I did and, as many others in this period of my life, sometimes it really feels like this song is speaking to me! Or at least, it really does speak to the 15-year-old that I am nowadays!

"I say that it’ll pass, I say I'll be ok
I don't know why I say these things, I don’t know why I feel this way
I know I need some comfort And something for the pain
Everyone keeps asking and I just tell them all the same"

10 Aug 2015

Lift me up - Moby

Life me up - Moby
I didn't even realise yesterday was Sunday and it would have been appropriate to post a sundayrevival, but it's ok as I didn't have anything I was particularly eager to put on here. I did today. So what is that, a mondayrevival? A late sundayrevival? A regular post? I don't know myself, but this is one of the songs that I loved the most when I was a teenager, that I loved the most at the time my music clock started ticking in 2007 so... well, it is a pity, but it doesn't feel right to post it as anything else but a regular post. So it is and so it should be. My life is particularly messy at the time, I'm confused about what I want, I would like to settle, I would need to settle... I don't know, I think things are starting to spin out of control and I need to take them back before it's too late. Anyway, I needed a cheer-up, and that's the reason why since I saw this song posted on Facebook by one of my friends, I started playing it in loop today. Life me up!
(Giving that I'm moving back to Vodafone as a mobile services provider and that this song in Italy got big about 10 years ago [seems like a lifetime ago] because of a Vodafone spot, it makes it all even more sense!)

9 Aug 2015

Trespassing - Adam Lambert

I know, I know I am one album behind (I've listened to 'Ghost town' when it came out, not to the new album in its entirety as I still had to approach 'Trespassing'), but I'm getting there! I started listening to Adam's second album recently and the first impression is not bad at all! I'm sure all the Glamberts out there will appreciate this post, so be waiting for more to come in the near future!!

8 Aug 2015

Baby I don't care - Joni Mitchell

Baby I don't care - Joni Mitchell
Wow, so many songs to post and so little time to post them! Last night I cam out quite early (compared to the usual) but I didn't get to write on the blog anyway... now I'm on a 2-week off work holiday and well... I don't know if I'm gonna have much more time to write here, as I already have a few things to do and maybe I'll organize a trip too! Anyway, one (or two) thing(s) at a time. Let' begin with the news that I have finished compiling my current playlist, the eleventh of 2015. And then let's go on and post a song from my previous one!! As you might have noticed, I'm in love with 'Wild things run fast' and so expect a few more songs out of it! This is one of the first favourites, because you're so squared but, baby, I don't care!!

6 Aug 2015

Shade - Elli de Mon

Shade - Elli de Mon
One more song by the talented onegirlband from Veneto, I've really been taken away by her debut album, now I wish I could see her play live again! I'm sure you're gonna have a hard time keeping yor body still listening to this song, which reminds me a lot of PJ Harvey! I'll use this post also to celebrate the last day of work (tomorrow) before the "forced" two-week holidays, that are happening in the worst time of year (of course), let's hope that the weather will keep good and hot at least!! Have a good night!

Strong - Robbie Williams

Strong - Robbie Williams
On my mind today there was a line of a song I couldn't recall, it went like "... and my life's a mess!" and it really made sense to me, now in particular. After a quick research on the ever helpful Google, I found the song I was thinking about, and well... it makes even more sense that I thought it would. It is a "very tumultuous time of my life" (as Alanis Morissette would tell me if I were in her 'Unsent' song), I feel like I'm living the teenage that I've never lived before, and... I'm not living it in a safe time and place, rather in a moment when all the rest is so uncertain and unstable, and I'm desperately looking for something to hook myself to while the mightiest part of the storm subsides... I can't say I've found it yet, but what I can say is that I'm getting used to floating on the roaring sea!

"You think that I'm strong. You're wrong. You're wrong."

3 Aug 2015

Slow life - Of monsters and men

Slow life - Of monsters and men
By now, thanks to 'Human', I have obtained the key to open the lock of 'Beneath and skin' and have been able to greatly enjoy it and fall in love with it! The process has not stopped of course and I am accessing the heart of other songs on the album (and they are reaching mine), and this is one of the three or four that this process of discovery took place about and has been the most successful! Given that I'm not really sure I understand what's going on with my life now and what I'm supposed to do with it, I'm trying to throw myself into what I know will help me understand it and comfort me in the process, i.e. the reason why I started writing this blog: music!

2 Aug 2015

#sundayrevival Teenage dream - Katy Perry

Teenage dream - Katy Perry
This is not at all a song I would expect to find in a sundayrevival post on my blog, but here it is and here I am, and it actually makes sense for these crazy last few days I have flown/stumbled/walked through! The meaning behind this post is that lately (and in these past couple of days in particular) I've been reaaally feeling like a teenager, like being 15 again, or, better, like being 15 for the first time...! Spending all the time chatting on the phone to the point that my parents were fooling me for that, doing stupid and crazy thing, gliding over the ground one moment and falling head over heels the next one... well, I think that sooner or later there comes a time of our lives when we have to feel that way! Now it's my time, so this is for all the people around me who are making me feel like I'm living a teenage dream, be it a bittersweet one (as all teenage dreams in the end)!!

1 Aug 2015

Crazy - Alanis Morissette

Crazy - Alanis Morissette
Hello my dear followers, I'm deeply sorry for disappearing in the last few days, but my life has been kind of on a roller-coaster, even if now it's back on the usual (sad) tracks.  Came back from Thailand once again, but something beautiful happened before coming back, some sparkle in the sentimental point of view, but after a couple of days flying today I fell back down on earth, back to my usual place. It's so tiring for me now, such a tiring life: not having a home, going back and forth to Veneto and to Thailand, jet lag, early wake up calls, uncertainty about the future... it felt like I could finally find some peace of mind, something to help me relieve the stress... instead it turned up as another source of stress, another mess to deal with. Well, that's the price to pay. And that's what relationships are, aren't they? They say we're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy, but what do they say we need to do to find some happiness without paying the price for it?