12 Aug 2015

Novocaine - Goodbye Lies

Novocaine - Goodbye Lies
I am a bit surprised by that, but I just noticed that this is the tenth post in a row featuring a different artist/band, I don't think that happens often due to my habit of listening to whole albums when I approach new music...! Anyway, good for the blog, good for you so that you get different music and good for me, as it means I'm inspired by different artists in this moment! This band... I got to know it thanks to Brian Lowe, who is a part of it, but don't ask me how I got to know him as I don't remember! Anyway he posted on Fb a link to download for free the first EP a while ago, and I did it immediately. It took me a while to get to listen it then, and even longer to get into the music, but in the end I did and, as many others in this period of my life, sometimes it really feels like this song is speaking to me! Or at least, it really does speak to the 15-year-old that I am nowadays!

"I say that it’ll pass, I say I'll be ok
I don't know why I say these things, I don’t know why I feel this way
I know I need some comfort And something for the pain
Everyone keeps asking and I just tell them all the same"

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