16 Aug 2015

#sundayrevival Imitation of life - R.E.M.

Imitation of life - R.E.M.
Yesterday was Ferragosto, one of my least favourite days in the whole year: it's the day when everything is closed in the cities, everybody is out and about, so places are crowded and expensive, and I (as all of my fellow Italians) am torn between staying at home doing nothing or going somewhere crowded and paying a lot of money for it. Well... this year it looks like I found a great solution to the problem: gather a good amount of people and have them over for a lunch-to-after-dinner event! And it's been awesome! My life is just so hectic lately that I get very very little time to spend with the people I really care about, so every time I get the chance to do it, I can't help rejoicing! Yesterday has been a great day, one of my best Ferragostos for sure! And back to the music: it feels weird posting something that is not London Grammar music today as I've been listening intensively to their debut album (and only one, so far). But I've been listening to other music too, and quite a lot of it, both yesterday with people around and today while I was cleaning up. And this album, R.E.M.'s 'Reveal', was noticed among the others in my collection by one of the friends I had over. We didn't get to play it yesterday, but after talking about it, I had it on my mind and I decided to play it today. And well... 'Imitation of life' is probably my favourite R.E.M. song, so it really does feel right to post it now!
After another hectic day cleaning-up and putting everything in order today, tomorrow I'll be on the road again, but I hope I'll get a little time to share my next adventures with you in the next few days! Even if summer is over (here at least), have a great new week!!

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