26 Aug 2015

Polaroid - Imagine Dragons

Polaroid - Imagine Dragons
At first I liked this song on S+M, but it didn't stand out among the other great ones in the album. Then I've gotten very much obsessed by this song one day a couple weeks ago, but I sensed that Imagine Dragons were about to release it as the next single out of their new album and I have been waiting for an official video of it to go with my post.

But I have been waiting SO LONG!

And well... here I am posting this song a looong time (I think I drafted it a few months ago) after the idea of posting it came to my mind! I thought the Dragons would use this as a single, but they didn't (yet), so I guess it's just time to post it and get it done with! I listened to their new album again while driving here on Monday morning and... well, too bad for them that Florence released an album this year too, otherwise they would've been likely candidates for my personal album of the year 2015!!

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