12 Aug 2015

Make up your mind - Florence + the Machine

"Make up your mind before I make it up for you!"

Make up your mind -
Florence + the Machine
Recently one of my best friends told me (for the nth time) that I should let things go and not try to have everything under control. Maybe it's true. But I don't really feel like I need control over things or people... I just need control over me, my life, what I do, what I will do, my plans, my transfers, my actions... thinking about the fact that my life is in fact embedded in the world and linked to many other people's, and especially depending on other people's decisions and moves (especially under the professional point of view), maybe she's not so wrong. What the hell, why can't people just make up their mind? Why can't I make up my own mind?

"Although the axe is heavy, it just sits in my hands
While you're changing like the current, not a shore on land"

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