2 Aug 2015

#sundayrevival Teenage dream - Katy Perry

Teenage dream - Katy Perry
This is not at all a song I would expect to find in a sundayrevival post on my blog, but here it is and here I am, and it actually makes sense for these crazy last few days I have flown/stumbled/walked through! The meaning behind this post is that lately (and in these past couple of days in particular) I've been reaaally feeling like a teenager, like being 15 again, or, better, like being 15 for the first time...! Spending all the time chatting on the phone to the point that my parents were fooling me for that, doing stupid and crazy thing, gliding over the ground one moment and falling head over heels the next one... well, I think that sooner or later there comes a time of our lives when we have to feel that way! Now it's my time, so this is for all the people around me who are making me feel like I'm living a teenage dream, be it a bittersweet one (as all teenage dreams in the end)!!

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