23 Aug 2015

#sundayrevival Oops!... I did it again - Britney Spears

Oops!... I did it again - Britney Spears
Ok, in my defense I want to say that I didn't start this blog to post Britney Spears (and the kind) music. I haven't (almost never) done it so far. But sometimes it makes sense, and when you enjoy things and they don't harm anyone and they make sense, why not do them? At the end of our road trip, when we were crossing the last part of Switzerland before coming back to Italy, we ended up listening to Britney quite a bit (and then we moved to the opening songs of the cartoons they showed on TV when we were little!), especially to this one, which has never been among my favourites of hers (ok, now, I probably have 5 songs of hers and this is the one I like the least, let's put it like this), but I don't dislike it and in some circumstances, as I said already, it makes sense. I hope it can make sense to you today. Actually it's my last day off work, so going back tomorrow after 2 weeks it's gonna be hard! Maybe I need more trash pop music, maybe I need more Britney...!

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