29 Aug 2015

Moon - Foals

Moon (live at KEXP) - Foals
I was already more than halfway through posting another song (right after not wanting to post today/night and then changing my mind, because it doesn't make sense to have a personal blog and not to write anything on it the nights you find yourself seating in your car, staring at the moon and thinking about the meaning of life! Ok, then I went on to listen to this song on repeat three times laying on my bed in the dark AND also going to listen to the song that I'm gonna post (I was gonna say tomorrow but I'm forgetting that tonite was not saturday, saturday is now, so tomorrow would actually be correct!) for the sunday revival post! Loads of inspiration tonight, as I finally started finding some life in Veneto, there are bars, there are people who are outside at night! I've finally been a witness of that! And then there's people (like me) who even when they go out in the "nightlife" (and maybe even more so), then get back home and start thinking about the meaning of life, staring at the beautiful, beautiful night sky! Of course with a most appropriate soundtrack, as this one is! Especially in this beautiful live version on KEXP I just found out about!

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