6 Aug 2015

Strong - Robbie Williams

Strong - Robbie Williams
On my mind today there was a line of a song I couldn't recall, it went like "... and my life's a mess!" and it really made sense to me, now in particular. After a quick research on the ever helpful Google, I found the song I was thinking about, and well... it makes even more sense that I thought it would. It is a "very tumultuous time of my life" (as Alanis Morissette would tell me if I were in her 'Unsent' song), I feel like I'm living the teenage that I've never lived before, and... I'm not living it in a safe time and place, rather in a moment when all the rest is so uncertain and unstable, and I'm desperately looking for something to hook myself to while the mightiest part of the storm subsides... I can't say I've found it yet, but what I can say is that I'm getting used to floating on the roaring sea!

"You think that I'm strong. You're wrong. You're wrong."

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