10 Aug 2015

Lift me up - Moby

Life me up - Moby
I didn't even realise yesterday was Sunday and it would have been appropriate to post a sundayrevival, but it's ok as I didn't have anything I was particularly eager to put on here. I did today. So what is that, a mondayrevival? A late sundayrevival? A regular post? I don't know myself, but this is one of the songs that I loved the most when I was a teenager, that I loved the most at the time my music clock started ticking in 2007 so... well, it is a pity, but it doesn't feel right to post it as anything else but a regular post. So it is and so it should be. My life is particularly messy at the time, I'm confused about what I want, I would like to settle, I would need to settle... I don't know, I think things are starting to spin out of control and I need to take them back before it's too late. Anyway, I needed a cheer-up, and that's the reason why since I saw this song posted on Facebook by one of my friends, I started playing it in loop today. Life me up!
(Giving that I'm moving back to Vodafone as a mobile services provider and that this song in Italy got big about 10 years ago [seems like a lifetime ago] because of a Vodafone spot, it makes it all even more sense!)

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