30 Aug 2015

Call it what you want - Foster the People

Call it what you want - Foester the People
Ok today I've been listening to Foster the People in my car and I thought I could check whether I had already posted one song of theirs I felt a link to, and yes, I already did, as I thought. But one moment later (now) I realised that I never posted one of my favourite FTP songs since I started listening to them! Let me check again as I can't believe it... it's true! I haven't posted it! So I'm gonna instantly put remedy to that! Or maybe not... there's one other song I haven't posted that is more pressing now, so I'll leave this as a draft for a short while!
And here I am again! Just some 24 hours later! And what good 24 hours! I spent almost half of them sleeping and a good part of the other half relaxing on a beautiful lake north of here, sunbathing and enjoying the (likely) last weekend of summer and then briefly visiting Belluno, the second-to-last province town in Veneto that I hadn't visited yet! What a good day!

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