4 Dec 2013

Half light II (No celebration) - Arcade Fire

Hey guys! Hope you're well and a little less stressed than I am! Anyway, all the small pieces seem to be slowly going each to their place, let's hope everything's gonna be good and done in 10 days! Last night I was having issues with the Internet connection and so some precious time went lost. Obviously in such a moment of dismay I didn't have the clear mind to do some offline work! So I got into a loop of wasting time and there I got obsessed by a "trio" of songs: one of them has been already featured up here (Cristalysed), the other two are on the same album, one of them is my current phone ringtone and the other one was the previous ringtone. I just have space for one now, so I'll pick my favourite out of the two, which I consider as kind of sisters. This one is just fabulous in my opinion, so all of this pamphlet was just to fill the space, as it needs no introduction!

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