28 Dec 2013

Come in please - Edward Sharpe and the Magentic Zeros

Hey everybody! Hope the xmas holidays are going well for all of you! The concept of a song per day is pretty much going nuts, especially the 24h day part, but well... let's get it for what it is!
This year is coming to an end, so in these last few days I'll post some of the songs I've been mostly in love with in 2013. Some of them have already been featured here (mainly Cristalysed by The XX, which went on to become my song of the year 2013), so I'll now focus on the other 2013 best tunes that have not had their share of glory yet. Today I'm starting with another one of my best new musical friends of this year, the Magnetic Zeros: this is my favourite song of theirs, Come in please!
Have a great day and stay tuned for more 2013 best to come! See ya!

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