4 Oct 2015

#sundayrevival Hotel - Tori Amos

Hotel - Tori Amos
Sometimes it feels like my sundayrevival is more a ToriAmosrevival than else, but what can I tell you? Each and every day I realise more and more how big the influence is that she and her music have had on my life since they came in it in 2009...! Last week in my car I've been mostly listening to a playlist I made with songs from two of her best albums, i.e. 'Scarlet's Walk' and 'From the Choirgirl Hotel'. And needless to say, I enjoyed every last note of it. Driving back and forth through the hills of Prosecco, singing, dancing and screaming like a madman. "Met 'em in a hotel. Met 'em in a hotel beneath ground. Tell me that he's missing. Tell me this is one for lollipop gestapo..."

You were wild.

Where are you now?

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