6 Aug 2016

Who loves - Lemolo

Who loves - Lemolo
Hey mina-san*, I am almost ready for my take-off (guess I haven't talked to you about it yet, I will soon), so I have already started saying goodbyes left and right, which has made me realise that the time to leave is really coming closer and closer. It's just one week that I have left to spend in Italy, and then I'm gonna fly far away to begin a new adventure! I am not severing the ties I have here, but distance will loose them for sure and it's not gonna be easy, even if some of the people I care about really can get on my nerves! Sometimes I get to wonder who loves, but well... for better or worse I do, and that's one big side of the story!

*This means you all in Japanese, don't ask why it came out like that here now!

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