13 Dec 2016

Lolita - Lana del Rey

"Kiss me in the D-A-R-K, dark tonite, D-A-R-K do it my way"

Lolita - Lana del Rey
I have finally been able to spend a few days outside HK just before going back home for the holidays, and the destination has been Singapore, which I should start calling the eternal second-best choice of my life: it was the second choice for my undergraduate exchange, but I ended up in Montréal; it was my second choice for the Master exchange, but I ended up admitted to Sydney (even if I didn't go in the end); it was the second choice after Toronto for my PhD and when I got admitted only there and in Hong Kong, I ended up picking HK anyway! It's really been a long time since I wanted to go there, and I must confess that, notwithstanding some perks (slightly better English and much nicer supermarkets than HK), I am quite satisfied with my choice. I spent quite a nice weekend anyway, and I am sharing with you what maybe has been the most meaningful soundtrack of it!

"Kiss me in the P-A-R-K tonite, P-A-R-K let them all say"

Hey lolita, hey!

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