25 Jul 2016

#sundayrevival Music - Madonna

Music - Madonna
Hello dear readers, sorry for being away from the blog again, I’ve taken a 20-some hours trip to Milan to celebrate a friend’s birthday and I took the chance to say goodbye to some people I might not be seeing for a good amount of time. I can’t complain about goodbyes as the life I’ve chosen for myself in this time of my life is not one of stability, so goodbyes have to be part of the game! The idea of not having close people around might be hard, but as of now I am more excited and eager to go explore, meet new people and stuff! New music is on my to-do list too of course, but today it’s Sunday so it’s time to look back, and what better looking back than one of my favourite songs by the singer whose music was on my mind when I got up this morning?!

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