16 Oct 2016

Wish that you were here - Florence + the Machine

Wish that you were here -
Florence + the Machine
Finally today I've been able to take a day off, off working, off papers, off school, off this life that has been consuming me for almost two months without giving me almost any room for breathing! Well, I confess... I read half a paper on the beach. Just to keep up the rhythm. But I was on the beach, come on! Thanks goodness this weekend has been good and I've been able to somehow find a good balance between duty of work and duty of keeping myself sane! Given that I've been devoting most of my time, day and night, weekdays and weekends to papers and assignments and lectures and stuff, I don't feel guilty in taking some time for myself. And I'm actually feeling good about being able to manage it all without going crazy or paranoid! Then we went to the movies and we ended up watching the latest Tim Burton's movie, for which Florence wrote this song (it's been nice). Could I post anything else on the blog? Of course not!

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