23 Oct 2013

Mary - Tori Amos

I bet that every music fan has been looking for a rare piece of collectible (be it a CD, a collection, a single, a T-shirt or else) of one of their favourite singers at least once in their lifetime. Well, my desperate search has been for Tori Amos's collection A piano, with almost all of her CD-songs plus a collection of B-sides, unreleased tracks and remixed material. Since around 2009/2010 I've been looking for it around the world, in the US, in Canada, everywhere but... no success. Until recently! A few weeks I was walking around in Milan, wasting my time before meeting the rest of my class for an aperitivo, and I decided to stop by Fnac, a media retailer (my favourite actually). I was just wandering inside the store, while my eyes fell on something that looked familiar and... there it was! My beloved and sought-after A piano! I was so overwhelmed with joy, but it wasn't the end. At the cashier, they told me that I could use my loyalty card, even if it was expired, as they were dealing with a change of ownership and messing around with the whole organization and everything... so I even got a 20% discount on it (and on 50-something euros of item it's not just coins!). This really made my day (and even the few days after, for that matter). So I started paying some more attention on some B-sides I already had in my library but I really didn't listen to with the "right ear". And there was Mary, a beautiful piece of song that I quickly fell in love with. It is so very interesting the whole relationship of Tori with the concept of Mary and the various Marys of the Christian tradition, but this discussion will not find its place here.
PS: If you're interested you can try to give a look to Tori's biography, it's called Piece by Piece and it has actually been another one of my most sought-after items!)

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