24 Oct 2013

Olympic airways - Foals

Hey everybody, hope you're all good and thanks for still being there! I think it's time to get a little mono-thematic (ok, I'm not sure about the existence of this word in English, and Internet is not helping, but let's keep moving!) ... I was sayin'... ok time to focus on just one band for a few hours! It's time to devote some time and space to the Foals. Tomorrow I'll go to their concert in Milan (with my friend A.) and I really can't wait for it! I have first listened to Foals thanks to the Fifa football (ok, soccer!) videogame: their song Olympic Airways was in the soundtrack of the 2009 edition of the game and, I must admit, it has always been one of my favourites in the entire lot. In time I devoted some more attention to the band and... now the show is theirs! Enjoy!

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