28 Oct 2013

Special #2: Imogen Heap

Tonight I really feel the urge to do another special post. A few minutes ago I have been watching a couple of videos featuring one of the most inspiring and innovative artists (to me), i.e. Imogen Heap. She is very creative and I really like the way she tries to bring new life and new ideas into music, also thanks to her being outside the main music labels environment. In this particular video she is telling a little bit about the development of her musical gloves and showing a demo of their usage, followed by a song (Me the machine) she composed with them. The peculiarity of these gloves is that, according to the position and the movements of the person (singer usually) who wears them, they give you the possibility to play a whole lot of effects without needing any additional instrument + they also let you play with notes that you sing, such as holding them, making loops out of them and so on. I find this really brilliant and I wanted to share it, 'cos in my opinion it is really one of the ways in which music is going to evolve in the next future. Enjoy!

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