19 Oct 2013

Intro + October - Dolores O'Riordan

Hey everybody,
I have decided to give it a try again, yes, I am starting a blog (again)! This time I decided to try to give it a structured shape and most of all to make sure I would be motivated to post frequently. I realised the only way to do it is to talk about something I am passionate about and that I like to talk about and share everyday. The solution seemed obvious at this point: music is the answer!
So that's it, I will try to create a sort of agenda/calendar/whatever/something that will (hopefully) give you a song (or maybe even more) per day, based on my tastes, new discoveries, revivals and whatever else. I hope you'll be interested in it, you'll follow me in this new trip and, most of all, I strongly hope that this will make my Facebook friends happier, since I probably will stop overfilling the walls with music videos! :)

So, let's start. Let's start in the most obvious way possible. Let's start with a revival. The song I picked for today (say, it's still October 18 for me, I am still awake!) is a revival. This is October (I guess you can find out yourselves the obvious reasons why it came to my mind now...) from her 2007 solo album Are you listening?


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