28 Jan 2016

Hang it up - The Ting Tings

Hang it up - The Ting Tings
Today I came back to Milan once again because of a couple of things I have to do here tomorrow, mainly Foals' concert to go to. I (quite randomly) met a friend from Uni who happened to pass by Milan in these couple of days and some of her friends for an aperitivo, a nice night out. Walking back home I really felt like I was living my university days again, the streets so familiar, the same feelings... it seems like yesterday but actually it's been quite a while and I've walked quite a lot of road... even if I feel it's been leading me exactly back to where I was then, just a different person, somehow more mature and more conscious of not knowing what I wanna do with my life at all!
In the meanwhile I found The Ting Tings' sophomore album at a very great price while walking around what used to be my favourite multimedia store and that's it, one more album off my to-buy list and I'm back to 2012 already!!

"Break it, make it, you can make the break
Back and forth saying just make it great
Intake, no fake, don't wanna let go
Make all the changes that you need to make
Stand back, give it up, ain't life a bitch
No war making, you just do that
Guess, guess that's the fame you maintain
Time for you to rearrange"

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