15 May 2016

#sundayrevival Radio - Lana del Rey

Radio - Lana del Rey
Hello my dear readers, another week has com to an end and it's time for a new sundayrevival post. Today it hardly feels like Sunday, as I have left with my parents for a couple days at the sea (who the hell leaves on Sunday? Only people who do smart vacations! Or people who look for good weather). The drive has not been too long, just over a couple of hours, but at one point I felt the need to enliven it with some music; in particular I had this song on my mind (goodness bless this inspired week and may it have more of them to come in the future!) and so I put on Lana's whole debut album (under her current art name). The trip has been more pleasant for sure after that! I hope this song can make your end of the week more enjoyable too!

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