12 Jun 2016

#sundayrevival No need to argue - The Cranberries

No need to argue - The Cranberries
What a horrible moment... I am sure you guys have known about the mass shooting happening in a gay club in Orlando, awful news that we keep hearing more and more often lately. Yes, the chances of any one of us dying in a terrorist attack are trivial and I think that the more we amplify this kind of news, the more power we give to those who commit these vicious crimes. Nonetheless it is worth noting that the most important thing to do, in my opinion, is NOT to respond to this kind of violence with more violence and hate and intolerance. I can just imagine how delighted Donald Trump and the such are at such news, which will surely be yet another consent boost. Let's not make that, otherwise the politics of terror will just get stronger and stronger. Be brave, be strong and spread the love. To everyone.

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