19 Jun 2016

Run on - Moby

Run on - Moby
Today has been a bit of historic day for my hometown, as it hosted the first Gay pride ever. Being born in a pretty conservative town, inhabited by a lot of mostly narrow-minded people and not a great love for diversity (just to use an euphemism), I have had the luck of being born in a cool family and then able to surround myself with "alternative" people like me, whom I could relate to and share vision, values and good time with. It's been nice to see in the last few years that more diversity has been spreading out in the streets too, and today has been kind of the confirmation that there actually are quite a few of weird guys around here too, and of that I can only be happy! Let's not care about the thunderstorm, rain-pour and (almost) hail that I got while running back home...! I hope that these bigots and (false) "defenders of morale and tradition" will soon see that they are on the wrong side of history and that, in the end, they are on average no better (or worse) than any of us.

"Some people go to church just to sit in the fire trying to make a date with a neighbour's wife
Brother let me tell you just as sure as you're born, you better leave that woman alone"

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