13 Jun 2016

Chemo limo - Regina Spektor

Chemo limo - Regina Spektor
'Soviet kitsch' is doubtlessly my favourite album by Regina Spektor and today, while walking through the streets of Vilnius in the late afternoon, tired after exploring the town and searching for a sunny spot where to lay and rest, I turned on my iPod for the first time since I had got out in the morning and, don't know why, I decided to listen to Regina and to this album. Sitting on a bench in the sun, distractedly looking at people passing by, I paid particular attention to the lyrics of the songs (a thing I don't often do) and realised once more how beautiful this album is indeed. This song is one of my favourites off it and the one I deem most representative of the album and its spirit. In a few words, it's a masterpiece. It is.


  1. Hi! I love this art, and I hope you don't mind if I use it for the photo on my SoundCloud cover of Chemo Limo. I linked to your blog, and if you want to, come check out my covers! https://soundcloud.com/user-698468527-144304915

    1. Absolutely, I found it on the Internet too, feel free to use it!