11 Nov 2013

Made of glass - KT Tunstall

2013 has been pretty stingy with respect to brand new music for me... I personally have been pretty busy catching up with some older stuff and I didn't get the chance to explore widely what new offers were around. I dare say that probably the offer has not been very rich either, probably... just a lack both of demand and supply! Anyway, one of the few CDs from this year that I devoted a good amount of attention to is KT Tunstall's new Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon, and I must say that I didn't waste my time. Unlike the previous albums, her last work lacks practically any rock and dynamic sound; rather it is a very calm, easy-listening and atmosphere record. Nonetheless it is appreciable, even more in these times of heavy dance and disco everywhere. It never hurts to have a relaxing record for winter times! This is Made of Glass, the new single whose video has been released a few hours ago!

EDIT: The video is now regularly up! Cheers!

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