28 Nov 2013

Rock DJ - Robbie Williams

Posts overload for me! I'm just joking, but it has in fact been hard to prepare all these posts in advance, even more in such a high stress period such as this! Anyway, I am practically done with this one and I must say I'm pretty satisfied with the result of my programming. My super-busy 10 days of travelling have almost come to an end by now: I have just come to Rome from Dublin and tomorrow is the last important day, we have been having the presentation of our group-work and then I will finally be able to relax (just the thought of it makes me feel good, even if I still have to leave!). My inspiration was just running dry when Robbie stumbled at the top of my Facebook homepage and it didn't sound like a bad idea at all to put this one on. Energetic friday needed here, can we please have some rock DJ?

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