30 Nov 2013

Roll away your stone - Mumford and sons

Hey people, it's me again! Double post tonight, but this time it's live!! Finally! I'm on the train back to Milan after a very very intense 10 days. I must say this collection of trips has been a "crescendo", from good to better to awesome! France was very nice, even if the forum of culture that I attended has not been particularly insightful. Then Dublin, I've been willing to go there for a long time and was glad to finally have the chance to! And then I visited some very cool companies and also took a trip by myself in the area around the city, very cool, I really needed to travel a little bit alone again. And finally Rome, awesome! Last night was much fun, kind of the final reunion of one of our university classes. Today, just when it was snowing everywhere in the north, we took a fantastic walk to St. Peter and then up on Gianicolo hill, where we had a breath-taking view of the city under a warm sun. What more? It was enough for me to definitely fall in love with the eternal city. So I am having now very mixed feelings: on the one side I'm glad to be finally home, on the other today I had such an amazing time that I was really sad it is over! Anyway, no time for recollection now, as I have lots of work to do at home! I'll just leave you with the Mumford guys, I don't know why I had them in my mind at the beginning of this train trip, but I think I'm definitely falling in love with their first album too, kind of a while after I listened to it for the last time. It is actually called "Sigh no more", kind of in tune with my feelings! Long post already, I'll stop here. I'll be back tomorrow with a new song, stay tuned and enjoy your saturday night!

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