8 Nov 2013

Something good - Alt-J

Tonight I have to call into question my dearest friend B. again. She introduced me to the two albums I have been listening to (and loving) the most this year. The first was xx, which has already been mentioned in one of the first posts. The other one, well... I'll mention it now, as I have ended up listening to it somehow casually a handful of minutes ago. I am talking about An awesome wave, the Mercury-prize-winning debut album of the British quartet Alt-j (stylised as ∆). I really feel unable to find words to describe its beauty, so I can only strongly suggest you should listen to it all! This is the first one I've fallen in love with, which I got to know with the (I suppose) demo name of "Estocada", but which is commonly known as Something good. And it really is something good.

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